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4 cartoonists on how their Eric Garner images came together

In the hours after the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner, news organizations responded quickly on social media with editorial cartoons.

Poynter got in touch with several of the cartoonists behind those images via email to see how they took shape:

Dan Wasserman, “I Can’t Breathe”

Credit: Dan Wasserman, The Boston Globe

Credit: Dan Wasserman, The Boston Globe

“I was finishing up a completely different cartoon on the hacking of Sony when the news of the non-indictment broke. I went back and watched the video of Garner being choked to death by the police, and the cartoon idea grew out of that horror.”

“…I think that, for certain galvanizing events, cartoonists seek out a simple, distilling image or phrase. Here you have a sense of great injustice together with the agonizing plea by Garner (“I can’t breathe.”) No big surprise that several cartoonists melded those elements in similar ways. Read more


After much brainstorming, Globe calls its new business section “Business”

Last month, Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory put out a call to staff seeking a name for the paper’s forthcoming business section, which to his “chagrin” was called “Business”.

A few weeks and “a series of exhausting brainstorming sessions” later, the paper decided to go with the original name, Globe Business Editor Mark Pothier tells Poynter via email.

“There were suggestions like Currency, Work, Trade…all of which were too limiting, and I suspect would have grown tired quickly,” Pothier wrote. “There’s a reason why most papers have stayed with ‘Business.’”

The section, which débuted Thursday, represents the paper’s effort to keep pace with an “unprecedented surge in commercial and residential development” that has swept through Boston, Pothier writes. It was developed to feel like a magazine but remain “rooted in news,” with a number of standing features buttressed by digests of daily breaking coverage.

“Beyond striking that balance, we want to reflect the fact that ‘business’ today is about much more than profits and losses,” Pothier writes. Read more


Boston Globe to consider reader input before selling another takeover ad

The Boston Globe Thursday ran its first-ever full-page wraparound ad, a plug for the University of Massachusetts that eclipsed the entire front page.

The paper will “gauge reader and advertiser reaction” before deciding whether to offer similar ads in the future, said Jane Bowman, vice president of marketing and sales development for the Globe.

“We continue to look for unique and creative ways to meet the needs of our clients and connect marketers with our readers who come to us for our Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism,” Bowman said. “This is certainly a new way for UMass to get their message in front of our readers.”

Media watcher and Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy, who posted the ad on his blog earlier, suggested obscuring the front page “moved the line past where we always thought it was.”

The ad seems to have taken some Globe readers by surprise, judging by the reaction on Twitter:

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Interstate General Media to close

Philadelphia Magazine and, standalone websites for two newspapers owned by Interstate General Media, will soon close, Philadelphia Magazine reported Thursday.

According to a memo obtained by Philadelphia Magazine, the two sites, which feature content from The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News, will be “folded into” one site,

What this means is that the standalone newspaper-branded sites will no longer exist and will instead redirect readers to, where users will find Inquirer and Daily News journalism featured more prominently and have access to branded Inquirer and Daily News section fronts that represent the editorial voice and judgment of the newspapers.

The decision marks an end of an experiment began in April 2013, when both newspapers unveiled the subscription-based sites. The sites were designed to “reflect the papers’ personalities”

A few newspapers have released parallel free and subscription-based sites, including The San Francisco Chronicle (which maintains free of charge and for subscribers) and The Boston Globe (which offers for free and with a metered paywall system) Read more

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From Boston to Ferguson ‘to bear witness of this moment for our readers’

When she saw people protesting after the death of Michael Brown, when she saw the outrage and turmoil, Akilah Johnson also saw echoes of what she has seen and heard as a reporter for The Boston Globe – lack of diversity on the police force, unequal resources for poor communities, strained relationships between police and communities, the death of young black men. And it felt, to her, like something people in Boston needed to know more about.

So Johnson flew to St. Louis and headed for Ferguson to report on something that echoes in Boston.

The reason, she said, “is to bear witness of this moment for our readers.”

Johnson joins well over 100 journalists from around the U.S. and outside the country who’ve come to Ferguson to witness what’s happening. Read more

Boston Globe Future

Boston Globe to offer voluntary buyouts

The Boston Globe will offer voluntary buyouts to an unspecified number of employees in the next few days, according to emails obtained by Poynter.

“There’s no set number we’re trying to achieve. Most significantly, it’s not meant as a cost-cutting exercise in the newsroom. In fact, when all is said and done, I don’t expect staffing levels here to change much, if at all,” Globe Editor Brian McGrory wrote.

It is the first round of layoffs since the paper came under the ownership of Boston Red Sox owner John Henry in October 2013, according to the Boston Business Journal.

The last round of layoffs at the Globe happened in July 2012 when 10 people were laid off and 43 employees — including 20 in the newsroom — were offered buyouts.

Since January 2013, the Globe has added 250 employees in the first six months of 2014, circulation and advertising revenue are “ahead of plan,” according to an email to employees from Mike Sheehan, the newspaper’s chief executive. Read more


1940-2014: Michael Janeway, former editor of The Boston Globe, The Atlantic Monthly

The Boston Globe | The Atlantic

Michael Janeway, former editor of The Boston Globe and executive editor of The Atlantic Monthly, died Thursday at his home in Lakeville, Conn., at age 73.

The Globe’s Joseph P. Kahn quoted author Todd Gitlin on Janeway’s career:

“When Mike saw journalism slipping off the edge into inconsequence or superficiality, he was on the case,” Gitlin said. “He recognized it was a matter of moment to the political life of democracy. I see him as a standard-bearer for professional journalism, a connoisseur of the nobility of intellectual life and journalism’s responsibility to honor it.”

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0 Comments unveils responsive redesign as it begins competing with the Globe has freshened up for the spring, making it better prepared to compete across all platforms against its paywalled big brother, a responsive pioneer.

The free news source’s responsive site is now in beta on both mobile and desktop, according to a press release. (Baseball fans will get a kick out of’s new error page.)

Last year, Globe editor Brian McGrory told Poynter about his plan to “untangle” the company’s two websites, saying the difference between them wasn’t clear to “many people in this community and people in this newsroom.” Read more


Boston Globe owner John Henry names himself publisher

Boston Globe

John Henry, the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox who purchased the Boston Globe from the New York Times Co. in October, has named himself publisher of the newspaper.

That makes the third owner in the newspaper’s 141-year history the newspaper’s ninth publisher, too, according to a press release. Henry has also appointed Boston advertising executive Mike Sheehan as CEO. Sheehan was previously a sports editor and reporter before he entered advertising. Read more


Boston Globe’s Wesley Lowery joins Washington Post

Boston Globe reporter Wesley Lowery will join the Washington Post, where he’ll cover Congress and politics.

While at Ohio University, Lowery, who is 23, tracked down the administrator info of a website raising funds for George Zimmerman’s defense, and apparently corresponded with Zimmerman himself. He was editor-in-chief of The Post at Ohio University, and did internships at The Detroit News, The Columbus Dispatch, The Wall Street Journal and the Globe.

He was at the Los Angeles Times as a reporting fellow before joining the Globe, where he covered the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath and the Aaron Hernandez case. Read more

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