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New Guardian, Scoopshot efforts bring elements of automation to photo verification

User-generated content is rife with risk and opportunity.

The opportunity for it to deliver remarkable images is made clear on an almost-daily basis, be it in the midst of a crisis like the Boston Marathon bombings, Hurricane Sandy, or simply … Read more

Boston Marathon Explosions

Compassion goes a long way when reporting on tragedies like Boston & Newtown

Journalists are often warned about the perils of getting emotionally involved with stories and subjects, but when reporting on a tragedy there’s always room to act as a human being first and a reporter second.

Reporting on the pain of … Read more

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Boston explosions a reminder of how breaking news reporting is changing

Terrible events such as yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon have always meant “all hands on deck” for news organizations, with staffers pulled off their regular beats to contribute.

But the endpoint of the newsgathering and reporting is no longer … Read more


Confusing coverage in breaking news may be SOP, but pre-empting tweets is new

California manhunt subject Christopher Dorner may or may not be dead: Forensics investigators will look at the teeth and make chest X-rays of the charred corpse found in a rental cabin where police say the former Los Angeles police officer holed up and exchanged gunfire with cops.

That image perfectly encapsulates the gnarly reporting around last night's shootout. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office asked reporters to stop tweeting in the event Dorner was monitoring Twitter (police made the same request of TV viewers). Candy Martin, who was surprised to see her rental cabin on television -- told police it had "no cable, telephone or Internet service," the Los Angeles Times reported.

KPCC didn't comply with the request and posted some bewildered reaction from media outlets and consumers alike. "It's not unusual, particularly in a police standoff, for police to ask television in particular to be very careful in their live coverage," Poynter's Al Tompkins told me in a phone call. "But this idea of Twitter coverage is a new wrinkle." (more...)

When news breaks, most Americans seek a second, trusted source for more info

When Americans first learn about a breaking news story, 83 percent seek out a second source to get more information, new research says.

Half of them turned to a different type of platform (i.e., heard the news on TV then went online to read more) for follow-up, and of the people who went online, 60 percent turned to a traditional news outlet like The New York Times, CNN or Fox News.

Traditional news outlets beat out Web-native sites like HuffPost, social media and search as the second online source to follow up on big news.

NY photojournalist gets cameras back after arrest, but not press credentials

NPPA | The New York Times
Robert Stolarik's cameras were confiscated when he was arrested on Aug. 4 while photographing police on a public street. He has them back now, but he still hasn't received his press credentials. Stolarik met with NYPD's Internal Affairs unit on Monday to discuss his complaint against the officers who beat and arrested him.

In an interview with the Times, NPPA lawyer Mickey Osterreicher says "the war on terrorism has somehow morphed into an assault on photography," both by the press and the general public.

"Literally every day, someone is being arrested for doing nothing more than taking a photograph in a public place. It makes no sense to me. Photography is an expression of free speech," Osterreicher says.

NYPD has issued guidelines telling officers not to interfere with the press, but Osterreicher said the problem persists.
I believe that the problem is it’s ingrained in the police culture. The idea of serve and protect has somehow changed, for some officers, to include protecting the public from being photographed. (more...)

Cubs player learned about pending trade just an hour before reporter tweeted about it

Cubs President Theo Epstein weighed in Wednesday on the controversy leading up to the trade of popular pitcher Ryan Dempster, saying one factor in the nine-day drama was how quickly news spread through social media.

Early last week, Epstein worked … Read more

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Details about Colorado shooter too important to tweet incrementally

My Poynter colleagues already have noted how ABC News and Breitbart rashly reported thinly-sourced information about James Holmes, the man accused of shooting up a Colorado movie theater Friday morning.

They should have held off reporting the supposed connections … Read more


ABC News, Breitbart fall short in owning up to mistakes on Colorado theater shooter

During a major breaking news story like Friday’s mass killing at a film premiere in Colorado, journalists go hunting for any information they can find. Initially, there’s a big focus on the “who.”

The name of the gunman. The names … Read more


Reddit covers the Colorado movie theater shooting

In the early morning hours Friday, "Peener13" started a thread on Reddit called "Someone came into our theater at the midnight release of Dark Knight Rises and began opening fire. Who here on Reddit can help me calm my nerves?" In the hours since, others have commented and added what they know, and Peener13 has edited her post to answer people's questions.

As I write this, there are more than 4,000 comments on her post. Peener13 is handling the attention with community-stoking grace, writing, "While this is not the way that I would have liked to make it to the front page, I'm happy that reddit has reacted in such a way to keep everyone, including myself, up to date." And, this being Reddit, she's offered some dark humor: "At least I won't be able to leak any spoilers."

Another Redditor called "themurderator" says he was at the showing, too, and he uploaded pictures that, he says, show his wound and bloody T-shirt. "i’m actually reconsidering doing an AMA [Ask Me Anything, a Reddit feature]. i have a horrible feeling it would devolve into something i would not want to have anything to do with," he writes.

A user named quepasacontigo has replied to the thread saying he lives across the street from accused shooter James Holmes. He said a friend lives in the same building as Holmes and "hit me up as soon as the cops got there and started to evac everyone."

Quepasacontigo posted photos of police preparing to enter an apartment building. (more...)
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