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As reporters get measured, why even BuzzFeed, Upworthy aren’t beholden to numbers

Audience-based accountability can be scary for reporters, especially if it's based on imperfect page-view metrics that don't account for the fact that what's journalistically important isn't always what's popular. So how do we acknowledge the fact that our journalism exists to be read even as we remain suspicious of purely readership-based assessments of our work? Here's how Rick Edmonds put it in his recap of the Newspaper Association of America's mediaXchange conference in Denver last week:
I don’t think anyone is saying that data science will fully replace “gut” calls on what to cover and play prominently. But as leading practice on digital-only sites shows, hard real-time evidence of how stories perform is both a valuable supplement to old-timey news judgment and a check on bad choices.
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Upworthy co-founder at SXSW: ‘This is what media should do’

The cofounder of Upworthy, speaking at South by Southwest Interactive on Monday, called for traditional news organizations to find better ways to engage readers with important journalism that previously never had to worry so much about promoting itself.

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BuzzFeed plans expansion to Mumbai, Berlin, Tokyo, Mexico City

Medium | Venture Village
In a memo to BuzzFeed staffers, CEO Jonah Peretti says the publication plans to expand to more cities:
Fortunately for BuzzFeed, times have changed; we can attract the best talent to our team regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion, and we can recruit beyond just New York in a growing list of global cities where we have expanded: Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Paris, and soon Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, Mexico City, and many more.
A BuzzFeed spokesperson said there was no set date for offices in those other cities to come online but that it's definitely happening.

As it happens, Peretti discussed how BuzzFeed might land in Germany in an interview with Niklas Wirminghaus, also published Tuesday.
We’d do it on our own, and fairly modest. That’s what we learned when we opened our London office – you should start with three or four people and then let them really invent what Buzzfeed should be for their audience. In Britain, it took a few months of them trying new things before they got a sense which things worked well for the British audience. Today we are one of the biggest sites in the UK now. It worked well. We are going to take a similar approach here, starting with a small number of people who we’ll let experiment. They would need to be very entrepreneurial and build something that has a lot of their own vision in it, not just carry out what is predefined in New York.

In an interview with Niklas Wirminghaus, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti explains the site’s sunny outlook:

We sometimes use the phrase “no haters”. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do critical work. We just ran a profile of Donald Trump, which he was really upset with. He tweeted that Buzzfeed is a terrible, irrelevant site. But the piece was very fair. Or our piece about the terrible conditions in an Afghan military hospital that was in part run by the U.S. government. We ran that story with graphic pictures in it, exposing this terrible abuse. That’s not being a hater, that’s being a good journalist, that’s exposing corruption and wrongdoing. We do that as part of our mission.

Being a hater means writing a long thing about how a mediocre movie sucks. And in such a way that makes the author look cool. We don’t like that kind of stuff. There was a period on the internet in the mid-2000s when a lot of bloggers were very sarcastic and found everything shit. It was almost a lazy way of criticism. There’s lots of mediocre things in the world. Just ignore those things. We’re probably more generally positive than other publications. We do not think being critical in itself is a virtue. Being critical of a deserving target and exposing something real is a virtue. But we also think people are looking for things to enjoy and to celebrate. We want to show people things that are worth their time. We believe people are curious and want to discover new things.

Niklas Wirminghaus, Venture Village


Facebook bets on big future for ‘dark social’ sharing with WhatsApp acquisition

If Facebook wants to maintain its dominance over our social lives online, its acquisition of hot messenger platform WhatsApp indicates it could do so without becoming the hellish, share-everything-with-everyone company from Dave Eggers’ “The Circle.”

With WhatsApp, Facebook now offers … Read more

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Mental Floss a big winner after Facebook’s mysterious ‘high quality’ algorithm change

When Facebook announced in December that it was altering its News Feed algorithm to focus on “high quality content,” speculation centered on which sites might be in danger of excommunication as Facebook took aim at the viral bubble.

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Two biggest social networks

Facebook vs. Google, social media vs. SEO: Why BuzzFeed data shouldn’t declare a winner

Last week, the latest traffic referral report from BuzzFeed caught Marshall Simmonds’s eye. The data indicated Facebook delivered about 3.5 times more page views to BuzzFeed Network sites in December than Google did:



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Why the mobile-preview feature in BuzzFeed’s CMS should matter to you

When Dao Nguyen forgot to check a piece she wrote on a mobile device before it went live, she knew BuzzFeed had a problem. Nguyen is BuzzFeed’s vice president of growth and data, and “obviously it’s not my job to … Read more

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CNN gets hacked: ‘Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…’

Politico | BuzzFeed | CNN
At this point, it's almost easier to list media organizations that haven't been attacked by forces claiming or suspected to be the Syrian Electronic Army. Let's see, NBC was hacked last year and spread some malware, The Huffington Post reported, but that wasn't the SEA. The Wall Street Journal was hacked last year, too, but that was the Chinese, according to The New York Times. PBS was hacked in 2011 by a group angry over a critical WikiLeaks program, The Huffington Post reported. And USA Today's Twitter account was hacked in 2011, but that was "The Script Kiddies," according to TechCrunch.

On Thursday evening, CNN joined the crowded club of media organizations that have been hacked by the SEA when CNN's Twitter account was hacked, Hadas Gold reported for Politico.
Around 5:45p.m. EST, CNN's account began tweeting out messages such as "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here... Stop lying... All your reports are fake!" and "Obama Bin Laden the lord of terror is brewing lies that the Syrian state controls Al Qaeda." At one point some tweets were deleted before more followed.
CNN also tweeted about the hacking. (more...)

Dozens of journalists injured in Kiev during protests, five people killed

KyivPost | The New York Times | CPJ
Reporters work during clashes between protesters and police in Kiev, Ukraine, on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

This AP photo made its way across Twitter Wednesday, showing journalists covering protests in Kiev. One, as you can see, wears a colander to protect his head instead of a helmet. Helmets, you see, were banned by the government.

It's a moment that might seem silly, if seen out of context from clashes that have so far killed five. But journalists, like protesters, have been beaten and arrested.

BuzzFeed reporter Max Seddon shared this Instagram picture Thursday of Russian journalist Andrei Kiselev after an encounter with Ukrainian police. (more...)