BuzzFeed enters potentially lucrative, ethically tricky world of native political ads.

Citing a “huge demand for political and advocacy groups to tap into" its core audience of millennials, BuzzFeed will introduce video political ads amid growing interest in the 2016 presidential campaign. It hired Rena Shapiro, who previously was an ad executive at Pandora, to be vice president of politics and advocacy and to shepherd the new venture. The ads … Read More

The BuzzFeed News app, out on Android today, has been downloaded more than 350,000 times

BuzzFeed News launched its app on Android today. (Image courtesy BuzzFeed) Earlier this year, BuzzFeed launched its much-anticipated news app after a tinkering and testing period that stretched for about half a year. A lot was riding on the debut. In the months leading up to the launch, BuzzFeed built a team with a handful of journalists devoted to … Read More

BuzzFeed registered a cat to vote in a British election

Owing perhaps to its outdated reputation as a traffic-hungry upstart that hawked cat listicles for clicks, BuzzFeed has a deep and abiding relationship with domestic felines. Although the Web giant now has a growing commitment to news, staffers remain fond of BuzzFeed's legacy as a hub for all things cat. Conference rooms at BuzzFeed are named after famous Internet … Read More

As BuzzFeed urges no unions, sharp rebuttal from labor leader

Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed, cautioned workers against embracing unionization last week. The comments weren't made in a vacuum, given moves by employees at Gawker Media, VICE, Salon and the Guardian to unionize in recent months. He suggested that unions represented a needlessly adversarial force and are more suited to other sorts of workplaces---more blue-collar, more assembly-line oriented---than … Read More

BuzzFeed announces $200 million investment from NBCUniversal

BuzzFeed | Re/code BuzzFeed on Tuesday announced that NBCUniversal has invested $200 million in the social news outlet, confirming earlier reports that a major equity deal was in the works for the two media companies. In a statement on BuzzFeed's website, founding CEO Jonah Peretti said the investment will be accompanied by collaboration between BuzzFeed and NBCUniversal. Read More

Former Guardian head of news joins BuzzFeed

Press Gazette Make that two Guardian staffers who have followed former Editor-in-Chief Janine Gibson out the door. Stuart Miller, who was previously head of news at The Guardian, is joining BuzzFeed to lead its UK news operation, British media outlet Press Gazette reported Tuesday. In a comment to Press Gazette, BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith hailed Miller … Read More

With BuzzFeed's Cocoa Butter, 'we're creating another avenue to get our stuff out there'

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed launched new Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts called Cocoa Butter. In a staff memo shared with Poynter, BuzzFeed's Heben Nigatu, co-host of the podcast "Another Round," wrote about Cocoa Butter's start and focus: Hey y'all! I wanted to let you know about a new distributed project called Cocoa Butter. As you may know, Cocoa … Read More

News outlets vie for global audiences with translated stories

The New York Times published a two-part investigation into the city's nail salons in four languages. In May, after more than a year of planning, investigating, writing and editing, The New York Times was almost ready to publish an investigation from reporter Sarah Maslin Nir that would reveal ghastly working conditions in nail salons throughout New York City. Almost. It … Read More

BuzzFeed launches open-source news lab

Wired | BuzzFeed On Wednesday, BuzzFeed announced a new project, "BuzzFeed Open Lab For Journalism Technology and the Arts." The lab has been in development for the last six months and will be based in San Francisco, writes Mat Honan, BuzzFeed News' San Francisco bureau chief: When you think about media experiments, you probably think about advertising … Read More

Meet, the political news site with a sales strategy

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith on Thursday profiled, a news site that's aiming to be a "blend between Vox, BuzzFeed, the New York Times, and Amazon." Here's the pitch, as told by founder Vinit Bharara to Smith: “We’re trying to create these big blocs of communities,” Bharara said. Rather than simply serve readers display ads, the challenge … Read More

'Mad Men' actor to BuzzFeed staffer: 'I’m sweating like a rapist'

BuzzFeed | The New Republic | CJR Paul Johansson, the actor who played sleazy ad man Ferg Donnelly on the AMC drama "Mad Men," allegedly made several sexual overtures during a session with BuzzFeed staffers at the company's Los Angeles office last month. He was at BuzzFeed's office to be recorded for an article published … Read More

Publishing news direct to Facebook is a big step -- but the Apocalypse is not upon us

Sceeenshot from Facebook My read on Facebook's deal with nine news publishers to post some material direct to the platform: yes, it's a significant business development but by no means apocalyptic, as some commentators are suggesting. Here's why: Good company: It was artful of Facebook and the publishers to assemble nine prominent brands to launch the experiment  … Read More

de Blasio accidentally sends NYT reporter email about subway gripes

New York | The New York Times A New York Times story published Tuesday morning documenting Mayor Bill de Blasio's subway angst was made possible by an errant email sent to a reporter from the paper. Michael Grynbaum explains how the "stern, bullet-pointed missive" found its way to a Times reporter's inbox: Mr. de Blasio, who has … Read More

If it's noteworthy, count on news outlets to spoil it for you

In the era of instant news that accompanies readers wherever they go, special attention has been given recently to preserving a blissful state of ignorance around watershed moments in pop culture. The NCAA men's basketball championship. The Grammy Awards. The plot twists that define wildly popular TV shows. In each of these cases, a news alert could spoil a … Read More