Newspaper reporter is 'worst job' in 2013, study says

Newspaper reporters can add to the list of sources telling them to flee journalism. The group took 200 jobs and ranked them in order from most to least desirable, based on factors such as environment, income, outcome and stress. Add all that together and newspaper reporter rings in at a dismal 200 out of 200 – the worst job on CareerCast's list, below lumberjack, janitor, garbage collector and bus driver. “We look at a wide range of criteria, as analytical as we can be,” said Tony Lee, CareerCast’s publisher. “There are some subjective pieces but, frankly, it’s really driven by the data.” The data come from sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and trade associations. Read More

Allyson Bird explains further 'why I left the news'

Sticky Valentines Allyson Bird, the 28-year-old author of a now-viral blog post detailing why she left journalism, explained in an e-mail interview that she battled against the realities of being asked to do more work for less pay. I had survived the staff reductions at The Palm Beach Post and then more of the same at The Post and Courier, followed by furloughs. Lower pay and no raises will kill morale, sure, but I think some of that can be overcome with a sense of community. I remember that the managing editor at The Palm Beach Post, Bill Rose, used to read over my shoulder and check out my lede whenever I had a 1A story on deadline. I'd hold my breath every time. Moments like that are worth more than an extra 2 percent pay every year. Moving back to her hometown of Charleston, S.C., was a decision spurred by her father's diagnosis of cancer in 2008. "He only lived for 10 more weeks after I came home, and making the decision to return to Charleston was one of the best I've made in my life," she writes. Read More