Charles Osgood announces his retirement

Charles Osgood, the longtime host of CBS' "Sunday Morning," announced his retirement earlier today. Osgood, who's hosted "Sunday Morning" for more than two decades, announced the news on this morning's broadcast, citing age as among the factors prompting his retirement: "Some of you may have heard rumors lately that I won’t be hosting these 'Sunday Morning' broadcasts very much … Read More

Dan Rather on movie about his darkest hour: 'Paid the price,' but had the facts right

Poster for the movie "Truth"It's surreal, Dan Rather says, to see Robert Redford on the big screen, portraying him during "the darkest hour of his career." And even though he would have much preferred a movie about illustrious moments of his career, such as covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy or the civil rights movement or Vietnam … Read More

Popemania in full swing for media at White House stop

President Barack Obama and Pope Francis stand at attention during the playing of the national anthems during a state arrival ceremony for the pope, Wednesday on the South Lawn of the White House. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)It was all-pope-all-the-time Wednesday morning as television media ignored virtually any other news to reverently cover Pope Francis' address at the White House. Read More

NBC and Brian Williams still have explaining to do

Brian Williams moderates a debate between presidential candidates in 2008 file photo. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)I believe in second chances and redemption. But NBC's decision to move Brian Williams to MSNBC isn't enough of an endgame move for me. NBC News has not released the findings of its investigation into inaccurate and embellished statements that Williams made on the news … Read More

C-Span teaming with the networks to cover presidential campaign

C-span's red busC-SPAN is teaming with the major news networks to share personnel and other costs while covering even more events in real time along the campaign trail. Ted Johnson, a political reporter for Variety, walked up the steps of the iconic bright red C-SPAN school bus parked on the floor of the national cable TV convention. He just … Read More

Meet Toya Graham, the Baltimore mother who slapped her rioting son

Graham. CBS landed an interview with the most talked about person caught on camera during the Baltimore riots. But Toya Graham was not a rioter — she is a mother who saw her 16-year-old son Michael in the middle of the rock-throwing crowd. "He was coming across the street with a hoodie on and a mask. At that point I just … Read More

The Hollywood Reporter: How much do morning news shows plug other TV products?

The Hollywood Reporter Everyone knows that the three major networks' morning news shows spend an awful lot of time cross-promoting the networks' sports and entertainment projects, but The Hollywood Reporter decided to calculate exactly how much time. Reviewing the week of March 9-13, Hollywood Reporter staff timed each segment dedicated to "corporate synergy" and have published the results. Read More

CBS's Bob Simon Killed in Car Crash

One of CBS News' most honored journalists, Bob Simon, died in a car accident in New York City Wednesday night. Simon was 73. Simon's career spanned five decades from covering the Vietnam War to filing a story last Sunday for 60 Minutes about the movie "Selma." He is the recipient of what is believed to be an unequaled … Read More

CBS prepared to play rough with affiliates over money

CBS fired an opening salvo in what could become a disruption for network affiliated television stations. WISH TV, the LIN Broadcasting owned station in Indianapolis will no longer be the CBS affiliate starting January 1, 2015. CBS is moving from LIN owned WISH-TV to the Tribune owned station WTTV, currently the CW affiliate. Tribune also owns the FOX station in … Read More
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