China tightens grip on foreign press, but will anyone feel the squeeze?

Foreign news organizations — including those from the United States and the UK — may soon have a much harder time publishing online in China. The Chinese government is getting ready to impose new restrictions on foreign media that will take effect in March: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s new rules (link in Chinese) could, if … Read More

New York Times visa gridlock in China loosens a bit

The New York Times building. (AP Photo) The New York Times is working with Chinese authorities to resolve a diplomatic impasse that prevented the newspaper from bringing new correspondents into the country. Chinese officials have recently allowed two journalists with The New York Times to take assignments in Beijing, a move that stands in contrast to the country's earlier forbidding … Read More

News the Chinese won’t report: the growing silencing of bloggers

BBC In this photo taken on July 31, 2012, Isaac Mao, a well-known Chinese blogger and the founder of Sharism Lab, a social media research group, works on a computer in Beijing. Mao had more than 30,000 users when his Weibo account was deleted in June after he made a series of questioning remarks about China's … Read More

Chinese journalist who worked for a German newspaper freed after 9 month detention

Associated Press Zhang Miao, a news assistant for the German newspaper Die Zeit, will be released on Thursday after a nine month detention, The Associated Press reported Thursday. Zhang won't face any charges. Zhang's detention highlights the precarious situation for Chinese nationals working for foreign media, as they often become targets of police harassment and intimidation. Angela Kockritz, … Read More

Correspondents say working in China isn't getting easier

Nearly all foreign correspondents reporting from China say that the country's working conditions fail to meet international standards, according to a report released Tuesday by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China. According to the report, which was based on a survey of 120 members of the correspondents' club, 96 percent of respondents say that working conditions are "almost never" on … Read More

Survey: For foreign correspondents in China, getting a press card still 'a privilege rather than a professional right'

In January of this year, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China conducted an annual survey of members' visa issues and found that, compared with past years, getting a visa in China was easier for foreign journalists in 2014. In an email, the FCCC reported the findings of the survey, which had 126 responses. We are disturbed, however, to find … Read More

BBC website blocked throughout China

BBC The BBC's website has been subjected to "deliberate censorship" across China in the wake of its coverage of Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution, the network reports. Weeks ago, the BBC reported that Instagram appeared to be blocked in China, and phrases like "Occupy Central" and "Hong Kong students" were hidden on Twitter searches. The BBC notes … Read More

On eve of Tiananmen anniversary, early optimism pushed aside by press, speech crackdown

Chinese police officers, paramilitary policemen and plainclothes security personnel prepare to clear Tiananmen Square ahead of an official ceremony in Beijing, China, on May 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) Two years ago in China, during the run-up to the Communist Party’s ritual changing of the guard, there was a heady mood of expectation that the country’s new … Read More

Washington Post praises rival NYT for China story

The Washington Post The Washington Post took the unusual step of praising its competitor, The New York Times, for the latter's story on the wealthy relatives of one of China's most prominent political figures. The praise came in an piece by the Editorial Board posted Friday afternoon. The Times' story, the editorial stated, "struck a welcome blow against an aggressive effort by Chinese authorities to censor such information not just from domestic media but also from the U.S. press." Read More
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