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Visitors look out from viewing gallery as a Malaysia Airlines aircraft sits in the tarmac at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Malaysia, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009. Malaysia Airlines said Thursday it returned to profitability in the second quarter, thanks to a large derivative gain, but still suffered an operational loss due to a decline in sales. (AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)

Numbers still high as ratings continue to drive CNN focus on Flight MH370

CNN's decision to devote heavy coverage to the missing Malaysia Airlines airplane has paid off with higher viewer numbers, said Brian Stelter, Reliable Sources host, on Sunday's show.

Stelter noted that in the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic, CNN cable news "total day" viewership grew from 97,000 during the period Dec. 30 to March 6, the day before the plane disappeared, to 196,000 from March 7 to March 26 -- more than doubling its audience.

Even with the growth in viewer numbers, however, Fox News continued to lead in the key age group with MSNBC coming in third.

Reliable Sources' guests James Fallows, national correspondent with The Atlantic, and Andrew Beaujon, Poynter's news editor, talked about the media's coverage of the missing airplane that has drawn heavy criticism.

Fallows said in a way, the story of the flight is like war coverage and grips part of the public. "It's of undeniable human interest -- human and intellectual and geostrategic [interest.]" But he added he would encourage CNN to bring on more of the experts who can dismiss "the nutty things" that are part of the speculation around the flight's disappearance and discuss instead the range of real possibilities.

The high ratings for the flight coverage suggest a widening gulf between media critics and news consumers, Beaujon said. Average weekly ratings for flight coverage are on par and may have exceeded that for the 2012 presidential elections, he said, and points to the large audience that wants coverage of Flight MH370.

CNN Atlanta lays off 16 from image, sound unit

TV Newser | The Wrap
Sixteen CNN employees based in Atlanta have been laid off, a CNN source confirmed to Poynter Thursday by email.

TV Newser reported those released include photojournalists and video editors from the company's image and sound unit: (more...)

Why TV journalists ‘test the system’ with stunt reporting: It sometimes works

New York Post | BBC | The New York Times
On Tuesday, two CNN producers tried to sneak into the World Trade Center site. Several times. They were arrested, Larry Celona, Kevin Fasick and Bruce Golding reported for the New York Post.
Connor Boals, 26, and Yon Pomrenze, 35, made multiple attempts to get onto Ground Zero before being arrested shortly after 2 p.m., law enforcement sources said. The pair initially tried to get through a gate at Vesey and Washington streets, with a source saying they told the cop who stopped them that “if a 16-year-old could get on the site, they should be able to get in.”
Yon Pomrenze, left, and Connor Fieldman Boals, are shown after their arrests on Tuesday, March 25. Both men were been charged with criminal trespass, obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct after trying to forcibly push their way through a controlled gate at the World Trade Center Construction site in New York City. A spokeswoman for CNN said the men were in the area to do a story about the recent security breaches and were not asked to sneak onto the site. (AP Photo/Port Authority of New York and New Jersey)
They weren't, and both have been charged with trespassing, Celona, Fasick and Golding reported, as well as disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration. (more...)

CNN’s ratings for missing plane on par with election coverage

Bloomberg Businessweek | Pew Laugh it up, Jon Stewart: CNN's coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 drew average weekly ratings on par with the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Eric Chemi reports. "Let media critics howl," Chemi writes. "In truth, viewers come in droves to CNN when there are big global news events. For all the talk about the increasingly fragmented world of television audiences, CNN’s saturation-coverage strategy works." Almost half of the people surveyed by Pew thought media outlets provided the right amount of coverage of the missing plane.

Flipboard acquires Zite from CNN as bigger players are moving into news aggregation

CNN Money

CNN has sold personalized news aggregator Zite to Flipboard for $60 million, CNN Money reports. Flipboard will also offer custom magazines for some CNN shows as part of the deal.

Zite — whose algorithm always manages to surface customized content that I don't come across anywhere else — was previously acquired by CNN in 2011. In December, AllThingsD reported that a new round of funding valued Flipboard — with its 100 million active users — at $800 million.

The consolidation by two of the largest news readers comes as major players like Google, Facebook and Yahoo have moved to compete in the space. (more...)
CNN Photo by Brandon Ancil

CNN sheds light on family’s harrowing experience, Alaska’s highest rape rate

CNN Photo by Brandon Ancil

Convicted sex offenders are American pariahs, kept at bay by law and stigma. In the Alaskan wilderness, however, an experiment is underway to keep these criminals close to their communities.

“The Rapist Next Door,” by … Read more

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‘CNN: Venezuela revoked credentials for its journos…’

On Thursday, CNN was threatened with expulsion from Venezuela "if CNN did not 'rectify its coverage'" the BBC reported.
(President Nicolas) Maduro also lashed out against the coverage of the protests by foreign news organisations. "Enough war propaganda, I won't accept war propaganda against Venezuela. If they don't rectify themselves, out of Venezuela, CNN, out," he said.

It looks like at least one journalist has left because of those threats.

Bridget Leininger with CNN Communications said the company doesn't have an official statement yet, but CNN en Espanol anchor Patricia Janoit, who left Venezuela, will be on CNN at 3:45 p.m. Leininger also said CNN still has reporters in country.

While pulling together a Twitter list of journalists working in or covering Venezuela, I saw this tweet from Mariana Atencio, host of Fusion's "The Morning Show" about Janoit leaving the country.


CNN Latino to shut down by month’s end

Media Moves | BuzzFeed
CNN Latino, the network's effort to build an audience around news and entertainment programming for a fast-growing community, will shut its doors by the end of the month, a CNN unit announced.

The network cited business reasons for the pending demise of the year-old operation that targeted bilingual Latinos with Spanish-language programs. TV stations in big and small markets had signed on to the programming, including KBEH in Los Angeles and WTAM, a low-power station in Tampa. (more...)

CNN, Twitter team collaborate on news mining tool

TechCrunch | Dataminr
CNN and Twitter are collaborating on a tool called Dataminr for News that would help journalists sift through the blizzard of tweets for breaking news and feature story ideas, reports TechCrunch's Anthony Ha.

The CNN team cited a few examples of how they’ve used Dataminr for News already — they said it helped them spot stories or find eyewitness sources in the past weekend’s mall shooting, in the recent Beijing-bound flight that had to turn around due to turbulence, and in the story of a Brooklyn cupcake shop that was bombarded with Obamacare-related calls. (more...)

CNN gets hacked: ‘Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…’

Politico | BuzzFeed | CNN
At this point, it's almost easier to list media organizations that haven't been attacked by forces claiming or suspected to be the Syrian Electronic Army. Let's see, NBC was hacked last year and spread some malware, The Huffington Post reported, but that wasn't the SEA. The Wall Street Journal was hacked last year, too, but that was the Chinese, according to The New York Times. PBS was hacked in 2011 by a group angry over a critical WikiLeaks program, The Huffington Post reported. And USA Today's Twitter account was hacked in 2011, but that was "The Script Kiddies," according to TechCrunch.

On Thursday evening, CNN joined the crowded club of media organizations that have been hacked by the SEA when CNN's Twitter account was hacked, Hadas Gold reported for Politico.
Around 5:45p.m. EST, CNN's account began tweeting out messages such as "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here... Stop lying... All your reports are fake!" and "Obama Bin Laden the lord of terror is brewing lies that the Syrian state controls Al Qaeda." At one point some tweets were deleted before more followed.
CNN also tweeted about the hacking. (more...)