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Indemnity clauses leave freelancers open to lawsuits

Forbes contributor Dolia Estevez is on her own. Two years ago, Estevez identified a former spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon as one of the “10 most corrupt Mexicans of 2013” in a story she wrote on the Forbes website.  The spokesperson sued Forbes and Estevez under New York law. The claims were various: one for defamation, against … Read More

Inside the investigation of Rolling Stone's UVA rape story

The Columbia School of Journalism and Rolling Stone magazine will release an investigation of the publication's reporting of rape on the University of Virginia campus. We will analyze the report with references to key passages to help journalists sort through the document. For more on the original story, read below embedded tweets. Recommendation 6: don't allow this … Read More

Columbia Journalism Review starts search for editor-in-chief

Romenesko Misc. The job description says: "The editor-in-chief provides the editorial vision and voice, supervises a professional editorial staff of nine plus a large team of freelancers, and manages an editorial budget of more than $1M annually to make CJR a must-read for journalists, media professionals, and all thought leaders concerned with the role (and survival) of a free press in civil society." I asked CJR executive editor Mike Hoyt about the new position. His response: There is no editor in chief now, but when one arrives I'll report to him or her, and will remain executive editor and help run the place. The editor in chief position was made possible by a funder, and I think part of the idea is somebody who enjoys meeting funders and being on future-of-journalism panels more than I do. I would rather go to the dentist than be on a panel. My plan is to put together our 50th anniversary issue (November), then help this new person and this great staff launch CJR into its next 50 years, and also to write for and the magazine, something I am very much looking forward to doing. More information about the job, including how to apply, is after the jump. Read More