Copyright and fair use


9 questions for creating a copyright agreement

If someone is working for you and creating content, you need to reach an agreement concerning who will hold the copyright on that content. Answering these questions before coming to an agreement with a content creator can help you create a clear, substantive agreement: What work will the content creator create? Who owns the rights to the work? What rights … Read More

Media must pay for South Carolina police shooting video

The New York Times reports that an Australian based "publicity and celebrity management company" representing Feidin Santana, is sending cease-and-desist letters to media outlets demanding they pay for the use of the video Santana captured. That video shows a North Charleston police officer shooting an unarmed man, Walter Scott in the back as … Read More

Who owns Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie?

When Ellen DeGeneres granted the Associated Press a license to use the now famous selfie from the Oscars, a debate erupted in the Twitter community. Why did AP need a license for an image that had been retweeted a record-setting 3 million times? The reason is the legal ownership of a tweeted photo isn't cut and dried. Who owns the … Read More