Want to crowdfund your journalism? Here are 10 tips for launching a successful campaign

There was a point, three weeks into Poynter’s first crowdfunding project, when we wondered just what we’d gotten ourselves into. Coming off a week with few donations, nine days to go and $6,000 short of our all-or-nothing goal, we asked ourselves why we had taken such a public risk when we knew the project could fail this spectacularly. When … Read More

How losing my dad helped me gain a new outlook on work

The last real conversation I had with my dad was about work. More accurately, it was a lopsided exchange, where I complained about how miserable things had gotten and he patiently listened, interjecting here and there to reassure me that it would get better. If I had known it would be the last conversation we’d have, I wouldn’t have wasted … Read More

Crowdfunding for fact-checking: lessons from Full Fact

Crowdfunding has become a decent line of revenue for fact-checking websites. The new Brazilian fact-checking site Aos Fatos (To the Facts) recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. It aims to raise R$ 30,000 ($ 7,700), to upgrade the project from its current pilot phase. Aos Fatos joins a growing group of fact-checking operations worldwide that have used crowdfunding to … Read More

After shutdown, former Bay Guardian editor turns to crowdfunding

Part of the cover from the Guardian’s commemorative issue. Screenshot from After putting two decades into journalism, it was hard for Steven Jones to walk away from newspapers. But the former editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian found himself out of a job in October after the paper was abruptly closed by its parent company, which cited … Read More

Fresh from Ferguson Fellowship, Beacon eyes new projects

Earlier this year, The New York Times profiled Beacon, a crowdfunding platform for journalists. The writer wondered: With all the hand-wringing in the news industry about asking readers to pay for content, would they ever sponsor a journalist? Now, just a few months later, that question has been answered. As of this week, Beacon readers have raised $41,074 in partnership with The Huffington … Read More
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