4 tips for engaging your community during breaking news events

What did we learn from a day of nonstop reporting and outreach? Prioritizing digital engagement at the beginning of the process was key. We posed questions to our readers — in person and across multiple digital platforms. We wanted know how the decision to close more than 900 schools disrupted their day and affected their psyche. The simple act of … Read More

The New York Times now has ads from the '20s on 'Madison'

Screen shot, Madison On Monday, The New York Times R&D Lab added a new decade to its online crowdsourcing ad archives project — the 1920s. There's also now a gallery to see the advertisements that have already been ID'd, tagged and/or transcribed in "Madison," Abbe Serphos, executive director of corporate communications at The New York Times, said via … Read More

Washington Post, Intersect partner for Stewart, Colbert rally coverage

Washington Post The Washington Post will partner with social media startup Intersect to provide coverage of this weekend's "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" in Washington, D.C. Intersect, which enables users to post and share stories and photos relating to the "intersection" of a specific time and place, is still in beta but is providing a limited number … Read More