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Salt Lake Tribune reports talks with Jon Huntsman Sr. to buy the paper have stalled

Jon Huntsman, Sr. , whose bid to purchase the Salt Lake Tribune has reportedly been thwarted. Jon Huntsman Sr.'s declared effort to buy the Salt Lake Tribune has stalled, the paper reported over the weekend. In an anonymously sourced story, the Tribune wrote that its Joint Operating Agreement partner, the Mormon church-owned Deseret News has exercised an option to … Read More

Intrigue in Utah -- Will the Salt Lake Tribune be sold? Or even closed?

Jim Dabakis inside a downtown Salt Lake City coffee shop. (AP 2011 file photo/Lynn DeBruin) Politician and blogger Jim Dabakis got his Utah constituents and others talking last week when he reported that the Salt Lake Tribune will soon be sold. Dabakis also worried that such a sale could be a step toward an eventual closing or put … Read More

Deseret News, Atlantic find common ground for collaborative series on fathers

Content partnerships have been quite the vogue lately, and this morning The Atlantic and the Deseret News add a new chapter -- a jointly produced four-part series on absent fathers and broken families, running on the sites of both publications. At a glance this would appear a long-distance odd couple -- the church-owned newspaper in Salt Lake City and the venerable Boston-bred monthly, now based in Washington. But there is an affinity -- each is recognized as a leader in digital business model transformation. New approaches to content are part of the innovation formula. "Collaboration will be a fruitful model going forward," Deseret editor Paul Edwards said in a phone interview Friday. "Editorial specialization is a logical response to the nature of the Web. So there needs to be trading to acquire content and share expertise." Read More

Deseret News parent's KSL-TV won't air NBC's 'The Playboy Club'

Deseret News | Salt Lake Tribune | Washington Post The show "promotes a brand that we just cannot support," says Mark Willes, chief executive officer of Deseret Media Companies, the parent company of both KSL and the Deseret News. "We would be helping to build a brand that stands for pornography. For us, that's … Read More

Deseret News gives column to mayor of Utah's second largest city

Deserert News West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder says writing for the paper "will be an opportunity to share more information about West Valley City or other topics I care passionately about with a large audience." (The mayor and his colleagues recognized L. Ron Hubbard Day earlier this year.) One reader questions the paper's decision to give space to the mayor: The Deseret News may be on a slippery slope with this initiative. Where does public information end and propaganda or political campaigning begin? What about citizens who disagree with what their elected officials are doing? Will the Deseret News give them equal space in order to present their arguments? Deseret News CEO Clark Gilbert's memo is after the jump. Read More