News organizations should use social media to identify diverse voices

When’s the last time your newsroom sat face-to-face with readers and carefully considered their criticisms? Communication technology has extended the gap between news workers and audiences so that we’re mostly through channels we (media elites) control: letters to the editor, online comments, phone calls that can go ignored and voicemails that can vaporize at the push of a button. Read More

Are relationships a missing link in media’s ongoing diversity problem?

Journalism is facing its own battle for hearts and minds. That’s what I took from my recent conversation with Joshunda Sanders, author of “How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media: Why the Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color.” Sanders has worked as a freelancer, a reporter in newsrooms including the Austin American-Statesman, and as … Read More

Interactive: Find out how diverse the newspaper industry is

The American newsroom has a diversity problem. According to the American Society of News Editors' census released on Monday, the percentage of racial minorities at newspapers is now at 12.76 percent. With minorities making up 37.02 percent of the U.S. population, our newsrooms are not representative of the society we live in. We used the data from the ASNE … Read More

NPR Visuals is trying to reduce the effects of privilege while hiring

Recently, NPR Visuals announced that they would allow applicants to resend cover letters for their fall internship positions. They felt that their hiring process had not been a level playing field for everyone. The issue of diversity has been a topic of constant discussion within the journalism community. While BuzzFeed has tried to come up with an … Read More