Doonesbury's website moves to Washington Post from Slate

The Washington Post Doonesbury's website has moved to The Washington Post, the Post announced Monday. It was previously at Slate, an agreement that Slate spokesperson Jocelyn Nubel said was mutual. "Doonesbury needed a new home, and the team felt that The Washington Post was a great place because of our built-in comics audience," Washington Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told … Read More

Doonesbury makes case for print, enrages Web comics

Doonesbury | Doonesbury's Blowback "What happens to comics if newspapers go away?" a Twitter user asks Zonker in a Feb. 2 Doonesbury strip. Two blank panels follow. "Feel how empty your life became?" Zonker asks. "Stick with print, folks, this doesn't have to happen," Mike Doonesbury replies. The strip has kicked off a meme among producers of Web comics, who are inserting art from their own work in the blank space: Read More