Comcast revives EveryBlock in Chicago

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After an 11-and-a-half month absence, EveryBlock has returned to the city where it began — but only to that city, Chicago, for now.

Comcast this morning relaunched the popular hyperlocal social site where neighbors share data and crowdsource news. NBC News, which is owned by Comcast, abruptly shuttered EveryBlock last February. It previously had operated in 19 markets.

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EveryBlock could still be sold, says Schiller, after abrupt closing of hyperlocal pioneer

EveryBlock, the hyperlocal news and community discussion site that abruptly closed last week, may be resurrected if NBC can find a suitable buyer.

NBC News Chief Digital Officer Vivian Schiller told me Monday that the network is continuing to talk with potential buyers who had been in touch before the shutdown, and that more have come forward since last week.

I asked Schiller about the prospects for a sale during a broader discussion about NBC’s handling of the EveryBlock shutdown last Thursday, which surprised users and observers.

EveryBlock co-founder Adrian Holovaty, who left the company in August, told me in a phone interview that he was upset with how it ended.

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In EveryBlock’s legacy, the promise and limits of hyperlocal success

Hyperlocal news and community discussion site EveryBlock closed Thursday, as NBC News announced it struggled to become profitable and was not a “strategic fit.”

The closing was a surprise to everyone outside the company, and many people immediately began discussing the journalism and technology legacy of EveryBlock and what, if anything, might succeed in its wake.

Dan Sinker, head of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, says “we’re all living in Everyblock’s world now“:

The impact of Everyblock goes far beyond the traffic to the site itself. Everyblock is one of those ideas that bent the world in a new way when it came around. One of those ideas that felt both so obvious and so ingenious simultaneously, that it looked *easy* when it was anything but.

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Adrian Holovaty created ChicagoCrime.org in 2005, when this photo was taken. The site, which led to EveryBlock, displayed searchable data from the Chicago Police Department showing crimes by date, street and type of offense. (AP Photo/Brian Kersey)

NBC closes hyperlocal, data-driven publishing pioneer EveryBlock

NBC News has shut down EveryBlock, one of the early pioneers of data-driven hyperlocal community news and information.

The decision took effect today. Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and chief digital officer of NBC News, told me today by email: “[EveryBlock] is a wonderful scrappy business but it wasn’t a strategic fit with our growth strategy and — like most hyperlocal businesses — was struggling with the business model.”

I asked Schiller about the questions many are raising online — why not turn over EveryBlock to another operator or give supporters a chance to keep it going? She answered: “I understand that the Everyblock community is disappointed. So are we. We looked at various options to keep this going, but none of them were viable. Read more


Adrian Holovaty leaving EveryBlock after 5 years

Holovaty.com | EveryBlock
Adrian Holovaty is leaving EveryBlock five years after launching the site with the help of a $1.1 million Knight News Challenge grant.

There was no single event, person or experience that swayed my decision — just a gradual realization that I’ve done what I wanted to do with EveryBlock and am hungry for the next thing. I’ve really enjoyed building the site, collaborating with talented people and breaking ground in several areas, from open data to mapping to local news — but I’ve realized lately that I don’t have the passion for it that I once did.

Msnbc.com bought EveryBlock in 2009; unlike most acquisitions, Holovaty writes, this one has worked.

Msnbc.com has been a fantastic company to work for. With EveryBlock, it’s managed to do something very rare: not only keeping it alive post-acquisition (which the acquired company cannot take for granted), but achieving the delicate balance of providing guidance/resources and keeping their hands off.

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EveryBlock names new president; founder Holovaty to focus on product side

Chicago Tribune
Chicago-based EveryBlock, which was founded in 2007 by Adrian Holovaty and acquired by MSNBC.com in 2009, has hired Brian Addison for the newly created position of president. “I’m going to be in charge of the product side of things, which is frankly what I care about the most,” says Holovaty. “I’m a coder at heart, so it’s a really nice change for me.” Addison, who most recently was general manager of digital advertising firm Band Digital, says:

In my role, I feel as though I’m coming into a fantastic situation where we have an absolutely incredible product, and I will layer in additional business and marketing strategy and overall leadership to help accelerate the growth of the site.

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Holovaty: ‘EveryBlock is a radically different product than Patch’

Street Fight
EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty is asked what separates his site’s mission from other major players like Patch.

Just look at the two sites, and the difference will smack you in the face.

Patch is essentially like a local newspaper website – it is heavily oriented around staff-produced articles and “static” content like business directories. It’s trying to do a lot of different things, much of it not necessarily very well.

EveryBlock is much, much more focused. You tell us which places you’re interested in following (your block, your work neighborhood, whatever), and we give you a simple timeline of what’s happened in those areas recently

At Westword.com, AOL Ventures president Jon Brod discusses Patch and other AOL properties.

Patch has been unbelievable. We’re now in over 800 communities and over nineteen states.

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Poynter chat: Holovaty to discuss EveryBlock’s new focus on community discussion

EveryBlock announced Monday that it’s shifting its focus from a geographically-based, hyperlocal news site to a “platform for discussion around neighborhood news.” Founder Adrian Holovaty will discuss this shift in a Poynter chat at 1 p.m. ET today. Read more