Facebook is now offering journalists the same tools as celebrities

Facebook just opened its Mentions app to journalists and other public figures. (Image credit: Facebook) Pop quiz: What do Kim Kardashian and Bob Woodward have in common? If that question were posed Wednesday, the answer might be that both had written books — one about selfies, the other about presidential self-destruction. But as of today, Kardashian and Woodward … Read More

A list of every hidden journalism-related social media group I could find

I’m overwhelmed by the number of different platforms that journalists use to share information, tips and job notices with each other. There are conferences and symposiums, not to mention Facebook groups and Slack channels and Twitter chats and listservs. I prefer Twitter to the other mediums: it’s open and accessible. In order to participate in a closed Facebook group or … Read More

There's a Facebook group to help journalists figure out their plan B

Last May, Russ Kendall learned that another friend and journalist had been laid off. Linda Epstein, McClatchy-Tribune Wire's senior photo editor for 15 years, would lose her job in July when the company shuttered its wire service. By July 21, Kendall launched a closed Facebook group. Here's what he wrote on the page's first post: What's Your Plan B? was … Read More

News outlets to ramp up publication of Instant Articles

Weeks after the initial furor surrounding the publication of the first news stories within Facebook, the Instant Articles program went dormant. Last week, Business Insider's Jillian D'Onfro reported that the news organizations that had signed up to pilot the Instant Articles program — including The New York Times, NBC News, National Geographic and The Atlantic — hadn't … Read More

The new campaign trail for presidential candidates: Facebook

National Journal Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Florida are all part of the traditional route to the White House. But the 2016 race may be blazing a new trail for the contenders, namely Facebook. In fact, says A-list politics reporter Shane Goldmacher, the "path to the presidency will run through new territory---your Facebook news feed." Goldmacher is … Read More

Does the rise of ephemeral content spell the death of archives?

As news sites negotiate with Facebook to publish material directly on the platform, Facebook’s role in determining what news to surface, what news to censor, and how original content published on the platform is archived should be examined more closely. Trevor Timm tackled the first two points nicely in a Columbia Journalism Review editorial. I’m equally concerned about the … Read More

Here's why NBC News took Facebook's Instant Articles deal

NBC News' launch story on Facebook's Instant Articles includes tilt-to-view photos, autoplay videos and an interactive map of a California almond farm. (Image credit: NBC News) After Facebook's Instant Articles program went live Wednesday morning, many media commentators wrote about its potential drawbacks for publishers. Over at Fortune, Mathew Ingram called the deal a "Faustian bargain," saying it allowed … Read More

Fear and loathing greet the Facebook-New York Times deal

Image by Deposit PhotoFear and loathing. That’s an initial response to Facebook partnering with nine content companies, including the New York Times and BuzzFeed. Many in the media echo chamber are wondering, “What’s this mean for us?” No shortage of editors and publishers took a pass Wednesday in speaking on the record. But Larry Kramer, president-publisher of … Read More

Publishing news direct to Facebook is a big step -- but the Apocalypse is not upon us

Sceeenshot from Facebook My read on Facebook's deal with nine news publishers to post some material direct to the platform: yes, it's a significant business development but by no means apocalyptic, as some commentators are suggesting. Here's why: Good company: It was artful of Facebook and the publishers to assemble nine prominent brands to launch the experiment  … Read More

Report: NYT will begin publishing within Facebook tomorrow

New York | The Wall Street Journal | The New York Times A much-anticipated publishing partnership between Facebook and major news outlets such as The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic is on the eve of its debut, according to a report published Tuesday in New York. On Wednesday, The New York Times is expected … Read More

How publishers are using Facebook interest targeting to reach niche audiences

To target your posts for readers with specific interests, go to your page on Facebook and click the target icon. Then, select "interests" and type in the selected topic. (Screenshot from Facebook) In today's unbundled media landscape, where news organizations slice and dice their audiences with newsletters, apps, social media accounts and verticals, Facebook has given publishers another tool to … Read More

Look to the past for lessons on the news industry showdown with Facebook

News and commentary this week that leading news organizations are close to striking a deal to publish directly to Facebook's platform reminds me, and others, of an industry faceoff six years ago with Google. As you may recall, Rupert Murdoch had denounced Google for "stealing" content in its news summaries.  William Dean Singleton, chairman of MediaNews … Read More

Death and writing short - the missing SXSW session

I once heard the great Francis X. Clines of the New York Times tell a group of journalists never to apologize for writing about death.  “We tell the morbid truth,” he said. I was scheduled to deliver a workshop on “How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times” on St. Patrick’s Day at SXSW.  But on Friday the Thirteenth … Read More

6 questions raised by Facebook's reported deal with publishers

If Facebook is able to persuade media organizations to go along with its newest idea, it will be, no kidding, a game-changer. The New York Times reported last night that Facebook is talking with the Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed and others about a plan that would have the news organizations hosting their mobile content on Facebook rather than linking … Read More