Fat Checking


As niche fact-checking grows beyond politics, Gossip Cop prepares to expand into sports

Amid the fervor about PoltiFact’s verdicts and the rise and expansion of political fact-checking operations, there is another fact-checking website that leaves the political checkers in the dust, traffic wise. A website that’s successful enough that its editor is planning an expansion into another vertical.

No, it’s not Snopes, the granddaddy of Web-based rumor debunking sites. That site does a reported 7 to 8 million uniques a month and is well known. It’s the biggest and most established debunking site.

So what’s this newer site, and how was it able to attract 3 million uniques in February?

It’s Gossip Cop, a site in Dan Abrams’ network of Web properties. It fact checks celebrity gossip and rates the veracity of each rumor on a scale of 1 to 10, as in this example:

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