Under 30 list includes journalists from BuzzFeed, The Young Turks and The Atlantic

Screen shot, Forbes Forbes Forbes' annual list of "30 Under 30" is out and includes a range of journalists from traditional organizations, start-ups, a newsletter, Twitter and more. Emily Inverso wrote about this year's class on Monday for Forbes. What used to be a long-climbed ladder in the news industry is now one built … Read More

Indemnity clauses leave freelancers open to lawsuits

Forbes contributor Dolia Estevez is on her own. Two years ago, Estevez identified a former spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon as one of the “10 most corrupt Mexicans of 2013” in a story she wrote on the Forbes website.  The spokesperson sued Forbes and Estevez under New York law. The claims were various: one for defamation, against … Read More

Forbes writer on moving newsroom to New Jersey: Food courts can really make you think

Forbes Last December, Forbes Media left Manhattan and moved its newsroom to Jersey City, taking advantage of a $27 million tax grant in return for bringing at least 350 jobs to New Jersey. And Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin is doing his best to adjust. In a piece slated to run in the magazine's April 13 issue, DVorkin … Read More

Bloomberg: Forbes Media exploring sale

Bloomberg Forbes Media has drawn interest from potential buyers and is up for sale, Bloomberg reports. The $400 million reportedly sought for Forbes magazine and would exceed the $250 million purchase price of the Washington Post and the $70 million price of the Boston Globe combined. Lewis Dvorkin, Forbes' chief product officer, has called a … Read More
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