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Swedish journalist killed in Kabul

Reuters | The Washington Post Swedish Radio correspondent Nils Horner was shot dead outside a restaurant in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Katharine Houreld reports:
Horner had been waiting outside a Lebanese restaurant with his driver and translator when two men in Western clothes approached and one shot him at point-blank range in the back of the head, said Zubir, a guard at the restaurant who uses only one name.
Horner "had only recently arrived in Kabul," Kevin Sieff reports.
He was “a legend,” said Swedish journalist Terese Cristiansson, “one of the best we have ever had.”
The flag at Swedish Radio is at half-mast: This past weekend, Omar Abdul Qader, a cameraman for the Beirut TV station Al-Mayadeen, was killed in Deir al-Zor, Syria. Canadian photojournalist Ali Moustafa was killed in Aleppo on Sunday. The Toronto Star has a slideshow of his recent work.
Pro-Russian soldiers block naval base in Novoozerne, Ukraine, on March 3.  (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

Al Jazeera America reporters in Crimea are telling ‘a story of contrasts’

Jennifer Glasse in Kiev. (Submitted photo)

One morning this past January, Al Jazeera America reporter Jennifer Glasse walked to work through the underground mall connected with her hotel in Kiev. She saw Ukrainians on their way to work “crossing paths … Read more

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APTOPIX Turkey Protest

Turkish journalist hit by water cannons explains story behind startling photo

Television journalist Husna Sari of Ulusal TV in Turkey was covering what she tells me was a peaceful demonstration in Ankara last Thursday when police opened fire on her with water cannons. The stark images of her being blasted off … Read more

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White House ‘very disappointed’ NYT reporter was forced to leave China

The Weekly Standard
In a statement Thursday, the White House said it was "very disappointed that New York Times reporter Austin Ramzy was forced to leave China today because of processing delays for his press credentials." Ramzy is a China correspondent for the Times. The Chinese government forced him to leave the country this week, saying he had "violated Chinese regulations last year by continuing to travel to and from the country using the journalist visa he was issued before he left his previous employer, Time magazine," Andrew Jacobs reported in the Times.   The White House's statement continues: (more...)

Deaths at TV station underscore danger to journalists in Iraq

Al Jazeera | The New York Times
The deaths of five people following an assault on an Iraqi television station in Tikrit on Monday have raised fears that militants are escalating their attacks on journalists in the midst of the country's ongoing violence.

Al Jazeera, citing officials, reported the dead included the station's "chief news editor, a copy editor, a producer, a presenter and the archives manager." (more...)
A Singapore news site, Breakfast Network, closed down after the Singaporean government required that it meet numerous rules which site supporters say are designed to control the press. (Poynter photo)

Singaporean government bureaucracy effectively closes news site

I am in Singapore at the moment, by chance witnessing the death and dismemberment of a popular online news outlet.

I have seen scant outside coverage of this rather strange, censorious saga, so I’m writing a tiny bit about it … Read more

Occupy Oakland

Journalists under attack: Pros offer safety advice

Look at this page on the Committee to Protect Journalists’ website and feel a pain in your gut. The site documents the 45 journalists who have been killed on the job worldwide this year. Most were covering human rights, politics … Read more


Journalists killed, beaten, arrested in Egypt violence

Sky News | The Huffington Post
Sky News photographer Mick Deane was killed in Egypt Wednesday, the news organization announced. Security forces Wednesday stormed camps in Cairo that were occupied by people protesting the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

In the story, Tim Marshall, Sky News' foreign affairs editor, describes Deane as "a friend, brave as a lion but what a heart… what a human being."

Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz, a reporter for the United Arab Emirates paper XPress, was also killed, Jack Mirkinson reports. And Reuters photographer Asmaa Waguih was reportedly shot and taken to the hospital. (more...)
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NBC’s Richard Engel describes being kidnapped in Syria:

A group of about 15 armed men were fanning out around us. Three or four of them stood in the middle of the road blocking our vehicles. The others went for the doors. They wore black jackets, black boots, and black ski masks. They were professionals and used hand signals to communicate. A balled fist meant stop. A pointed finger meant advance. Each man carried an AK-47. Several of the gunmen began hitting the windows of our car and minivan with the stocks of their weapons. When they got the doors open, they leveled their guns at our chests.

Time was slowing down as if I’d been hit in the head. Time was slowing down as if I were drowning.

This can’t be happening. I know what this is. This can’t be happening. These are the shabiha. They’re fucking kidnapping us. …

NBC correspondent Richard Engel, writing for Vanity Fair


Should reporters’ tweets and Facebook posts be edited in advance?

New York Times | The Atlantic | Mondoweiss 
Margaret Sullivan reveals that New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren will have her social media posts edited after a "rocky start."

Sullivan includes a summary of Rudoren's tweets from The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg: (more...)