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Why The Cincinnati Enquirer led today's front with a 6-line memo

Tuesday's front page from The Cincinnati Enquirer leads with a memo. And that memo is at the heart of a special report by the Enquirer's Dan Horn and Sharon Coolidge into Cincinnati's Metropolitan Sewer District. Here's how the story begins: The Metropolitan Sewer District spent as much as $680 million in public money during the past decade with little … Read More

Another Canadian paper went -30- today

I wrote about the final print edition of Canada's Guelph Mercury on Friday morning and the fitting front the paper offered the community. Had I scrolled Newseum's collection down a bit further, I would have noticed another Canadian paper ran a final edition with a -30- on Friday. Thanks to a commenter on Russ Kendall's "What's Your Plan … Read More

149-year-old Canadian newspaper's final front page is pretty much perfect

Today's front page of the day comes from Canada's Guelph Mercury, which published a print edition for the last time on Friday. The 149-year-old paper's final front led with -30-, which the newspaper explained was a print tradition. "The tradition faded as computers replaced typewriters in newsrooms. But, for anyone who cares about journalism, -30- will always mean 'the end.'" … Read More

On the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, front pages look back

Thirty years ago today, many of us watched on our televisions a space shuttle launch that ended in an explosion. You can look back at some coverage from from the time and at what's happened since. Last year, I spoke with photojournalist Red Huber, who was there on assignment that day for the Orlando … Read More

Front page of the day: Oh yeah, winter can be pretty, too

Since the East Coast was hit by a massive blizzard last weekend, we've looked at front pages before the storm, front pages after the storm and front pages with people still trying to dig out from the storm. Today's front page of the day comes from The Reporter in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, which … Read More

Front pages of the day: Plowing out

Yes, we're still talking about snow. The blizzard that hit the Northeast over the weekend is over, but the snow it dumped in the process is sticking around. On Tuesday, front pages in Washington, D.C., New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia led with efforts to clear out of the snow. Via Newseum: … Read More

Front page of the day: It snows outside the U.S., too

The front page of the day comes from Apple Daily - Taiwan edition. Apple Daily led Monday with images of snow and the coldest weather the country has seen in 44 years, according to Oliver Holmes in The Guardian. The weather is responsible for 90 deaths in Taiwan, Holmes reported. The BBC reports the snow and … Read More

Front pages on Sunday show the battle against Blizzard 2016

Front pages in New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware and Pennsylvania led Sunday with images of the deadly blizzard that crippled the region over the weekend. Most of these fronts feature images of men fighting the snow with shovels and snowblowers. The New York Post tried something different. Via Newseum:   … Read More

Front page of the day: Winter is coming. OK, it's here.

The front page of the day comes from The Washington Post's Express, which led with a snow-filled surrender ahead of the blizzard that's expected to hit the area. Via Newseum:   Edward Snowden used up his "hey that's my name" tweet with this front, too. Soon, even D.C. will be … Read More

Front page of the day: Oh hi, new planet!

The front page of the day comes from The Denver Post, which led Thursday with news that there could be a new ninth planet in our solar system. Via Newseum:   Here are other fronts that led with what could be Pluto's replacement (sorry, Pluto,) from the U.S., Canada and the … Read More

Boston Herald's front page Palin/Trump headline: 'This should be fun!'

Today's front page of the day comes from the Boston Herald, which led Wednesday with news that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Amid both eye-rolling and applause (depending on your Palin/Trump leanings,) this headline perfectly captured the spectator sport that is the 2016 election. Via Newseum:   … Read More

Front pages of the day: David Bowie, 1947-2016

On Tuesday, front pages around the world led with tributes to David Bowie. Here are 34 plus a section front, many which are as striking and vivid as Bowie was himself. I've updated since posting an earlier collection this morning. Via Kiosko and Newseum: United Kingdom:   France:   … Read More

Front page of the day: A look at death row

Today's front page of the day comes from Sunday's The Villages Daily Sun in The Villages, Florida. The Villages led with an 18-month investigation into Florida's death penalty. On Thursday, serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin died from lethal injection in Florida. Read More