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Today in France, front pages look back on Charlie Hebdo

On Thursday, many front pages in France led with remembrances on the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper, which left 12 dead. On Wednesday, the Committee to Protect Journalists looked at press freedom in France and around the world one year later. Who would have thought that France would top … Read More

Front page of the day: 'Bam's tears'

Today's front page of the day comes from the New York Post, which led Wednesday with the president's executive actions on gun control. Via Newseum: Here's a collection of front pages that also led with the news: … Read More

Front page of the day: Is there a soccer heaven?

Today's front page of the day comes from France Football, which led the front with a look ahead at 2016. It could also be the launch of a soccer-themed Victoria's Secret. Either way. On Monday, Spain's Real Madrid announced French soccer star Zinedine Zidane (the dapper fellow in the middle right cloud bank) would take on the role of coach. Read More

A look at the front pages of 2015

We saw our world on riveting front pages this year: the loss of journalists at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the chaos of other mass shootings, the body of Syrian boy on a beach and New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. There was much, much more: a deadly earthquake in Nepal, waves of celebrations after the Supreme Court’s … Read More

This is the last time we'll show 'Star Wars' fronts, promise.

Front pages around the country on Friday included images of Stormtroopers, Jedis, Wookiees and their loved ones at local movie theaters waiting for the latest in the "Star Wars" franchise. Today's front page of the day comes from Chicago's RedEye, (can you spot the Death Star?) Via Newseum: Here are a few more: … Read More

The Force is definitely awake (on front pages, at least)

I warned yesterday that we'd see more "Star Wars" front pages, and here they are. Newspapers around the U.S. published a lot more than these, but since you may need to spend the day in line at the movie theatre, here's a trimmed-down version. Via Newseum:         … Read More

May the 'Star Wars'-themed front pages be with you

I'm guessing today isn't the last time we'll get to see some "Star Wars" fronts as the debut of the latest installment in the interstellar saga​ gets closer. From France's Libération, via Newseum: Here are a few more from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Spain and the U.S.:         … Read More

Front page of the day: Is that drone registered?

Today's front page of the day comes from the Omaha (Nebraska) World-Herald. On Tuesday, the World-Herald looked at drone regulation around the country and how Nebraska hasn't yet passed legislation regulating drones. On Monday, the FAA announced that drones between .55 pounds and 50 pounds must be registered by early next year, Ben Popper reported for The Verge. Read More

Front page of the day: Slovakia's tiny number of migrants and refugees

The front page of the day today comes from Denník N in Bratislava, Slovakia. It led with an illustration of how many people applied for asylum in the country during a three month period. That number is the lowest, the paper reports, in the European Union. Via Newseum: In August, Ishaan Tharoor reported for The Washington Post … Read More

Front page of the day: Have we reached peak Trump?

Today's front page of the day comes from the Philadelphia Daily News. On Tuesday, the day after GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested Muslims be kept out of the country, the Daily News wondered at the direction Trump's headed. Via Newseum: Read More

After the San Bernardino shootings, front pages show victims, reactions

Today's front page of the day comes from The (Jackson, Mississippi) Clarion-Ledger. On Friday, the newspaper focused on how people in Mississippi feel about gun control after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 people. Via Newseum: The Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News also put the debate over gun control on the front page today. Read More

Front pages from around the country on the San Bernardino shooting

As with every other mass shooting that we've pulled front pages from, A1s around the country led with the story again on Thursday. Many of them carried an image from The (San Bernardino, California) Sun's Thomas Cordova. Here's a collection of fronts, which show images of survivors, the crime scene and exhaustion and … Read More

Front page of the day: 60 years after Rosa Parks

Tuesday, Dec. 1, marked the 60th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus. On Wednesday, The Grand Rapids Press led with the anniversary, a timeline and a look at her impact on the state. Via Newseum: Read More

Front page of the day: World leaders start talking climate change at COP21

World leaders gathered Monday outside Paris for COP21, the United Nation's summit on climate change. de Volkskrant, from the Netherlands, led Tuesday's front page with a look at some of the leaders present. Via Newseum: If you find yourself covering COP21 as it continues making news, we've gathered five resources for journalists covering climate change. Here … Read More