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Publishing, broadcasting revenues down at Gannett

Gannett Revenues were down in most of Gannett's segments in the third quarter of 2013, according to the company's new earnings report.

Advertising revenue at Gannett's publishing properties fell 5.9 percent compared with the same period the year before. Circulation revenue was a little less than flat, down 0.6 percent from the third quarter of 2012. And broadcasting revenue was down 14.2 percent, a dip the company says "reflects the absence of Olympic and political spending partially offset by significant growth in retransmission revenue and digital revenue growth of 20.7 percent." Retransmission revenue is what cable operations pay local TV stations to carry their programs.

Revenue from the company's digital operations overall was up 12 percent. The company attributes that to the "continued impact of the All Access Content Subscription Model in addition to higher digital advertising and digital marketing services revenue."

All Gannett's U.S. newspapers except USA Today have paywalls in place. Digital revenues at Gannett's publishing properties were up nearly 21 percent in the third quarter, "reflecting growth associated with the All Access Content Subscription Model as well as digital advertising and marketing solutions."

USA Today has been exploring the idea of a paywall, but "No plan exists" for one, its president, Larry Kramer, told Poynter last month.

Year-to-date, publishing advertising revenue is down 5.4 percent, circulation revenue is up 4.6 percent, broadcasting revenue is down about 2 percent and digital revenue is up 4 percent over the first 39 weeks of 2012.
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How many top newspaper editors are from digital backgrounds? Still darn few

Upward of 1,400 digital journalists are expected in Atlanta this week for the annual Online News Association conference. That’s fairly close to the number of daily American newspapers, at last count roughly 1,380.

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DOJ asks for more information about Gannett-Belo deal

Gannett and Belo "received requests yesterday for additional information and documents" from the Department of Justice, Gannett says in a press release. Gannett announced in June it would buy Belo for $1.5 billion, nearly doubling the number of TV stations it owns.

This so-called "Second Request" is a "standard part of the DOJ review process," Gannett says, adding that it still expects to close the deal by the end of 2013.

Some petitioners filed requests with the FCC opposing the deal; the Department of Justice recently filed a motion to block a proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways.
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Steve Cavendish, who just left City Paper for Scene, begs Gannett to sell The (Nashville) Tennessean, where he says “cuts have so destroyed morale” that people who haven’t been laid off are quitting.

Sell the paper to someone else. Sell it to someone who will take a longer view than three months. Sell it to someone who recognizes that innovations are going to have to come faster than updating your website every five years, or be better than handing iPhones to your staff and telling them to shoot video, or be less insulting than “webcasts” with production values so low they look like an SNL sketch.

Steve Cavendish, Nashville Scene


Petitioners ask FCC to block Gannett-Belo deal

Free Press | Variety
Gannett and Belo are trying to get around FCC cross-ownership rules by transferring broadcast licenses to shell companies, Free Press and other groups say in a petition asking the FCC to block the companies' planned merger.

Gannett announced in June it would buy Belo, making it the fourth-largest owner of major network affiliate stations. The company already owns many newspapers. Investors have cheered the deal.

Time Warner Cable, the American Cable Association and DirecTV have also filed a petition opposing part of the deal, Ted Johnson reports. Those entities say "the deal threatens to drive up retransmission fees and risk even more station blackouts in negotiation standoffs," Johnson writes.

"These arrangements attempt to mask the true intent and effect of the transaction: to allow Gannett to simultaneously influence and control multiple media outlets in the same local market in a way that is contrary to the public interest and otherwise prohibited by the Commission’s rules," Free Press' petition (embedded below) says. (more...)
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Circulation revenue up 11 percent at Gannett

Gannett | Reuters
Domestic circulation revenue in Gannett's publishing division rose 11 percent in the second quarter, the company announced in its second-quarter earnings report Monday. That gain, as well as gains in the company's broadcasting and digital businesses, were "offset by a decline in advertising revenue, a net reduction of almost $10 million in political revenues and an unfavorable exchange rate," Gannett's earnings release says.

Gannett has embraced paywalls at most of its U.S. newspapers, though USA Today remains free.

Publishing revenues were down 1.7 percent over the second quarter of 2012; publishing advertising was down 5.3 percent over the same period. Broadcasting and digital revenues both rose about 3 percent. The company's broadcast businesses saw a drop in revenue from political ads but retransmission revenue that was up 62 percent over the same period in 2012 and "core advertising" revenue that rose 1.5 percent.

Gannett intends to acquire Belo's television business. The companies expect the deal to close before the end of the year, the release says. The company is searching for more forms of revenue, particularly from broadcast, because newspaper advertising revenue "shows no signs of improvement," a Reuters report says.

Media CEOs ‘hopeful’ about digital subscription growth

Associated Press | Folha de S. Paulo
At the American Society of News Editors convention in Washington, D.C., Associated Press reporter Martin Crutsinger listened to various newspaper honchos speak about about whether they'd keep publishing daily editions, especially in light of recent changes at Advance-owned papers that have reduced the frequency of print editions and home delivery.

McClatchy's CEO Patrick Talamantes, New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson and Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth all said they were sticking with daily publication. Gannett CEO and President Gracia Martore "was less certain," Crutsinger reports. "I can't predict what is going to exist in five years," she said.

The executives were bullish on paywalls, Crutsinger writes; McClatchy had "22,000 digital-only subscribers" at the end of the last quarter. He says the CEOs were "hopeful about their future" after seeing digital subscriptions grow." (more...)
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Gannett to buy Belo

Associated Press | Belo | Gannett
Gannett Co. announced Thursday it will buy Belo Corp for about $1.5 billion and assume $715 million of Belo's existing debt. "The acquisition nearly doubles Gannett’s current broadcast portfolio from 23 to 43 stations," the companies say in a press release.

Belo spun off its newspapers as a separate company called A.H. Belo in 2007. This acquisition comes not long after Media General announced plans to merge with the New Young Broadcasting Company. The combined company will own 30 stations. (more...)