John Cook named temporary executive editor at Gawker

The International Business Times John Cook will be temporarily taking over the position of executive editor at Gawker Media. The announcement comes after seven staffers left the company recently, including executive editor Tommy Craggs and editor-in-chief Max Read. Cook is currently the investigations editor at the publication. The announcement came from a memo that Cook sent out … Read More

Hogan's lawyer accuses Gawker of leaking content of tapes

On Thursday, lawyers representing Gawker Media and Terry Bollea (the real name of Hulk Hogan) gathered in the Sixth Circuit court in St. Petersburg, Florida. Image Credit: AP In a motion, the counsel representing Hulk Hogan accused Gawker of reportedly leaking tapes to the National Enquirer, which published an article reporting that racist slurs were part of the … Read More

Commentary: Gawker crosses line with story on magazine exec

The Gawker story about a top magazine official’s recent attempt to hire a porn star for $2,500 for a few hours of sex is a classic case of invasion of privacy with absolutely no redeeming social value. From Gawker’s story, we see the executive being mature and even considerate of his would-be sexual partner. We see Gawker’s source reneging … Read More

AFL-CIO chief asks Salon to voluntarily recognize workers’ union

America’s top labor leader is asking Salon to voluntarily recognize the Writers Guild of America, East as bargaining agent for its editorial workers. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wrote Salon Media Group CEO Cindy Jeffers on Thursday, requesting Salon voluntarily recognizes the union and not force a formal representation election. Most of the staff has signed up with the union, which … Read More

Talk of Philly newspaper strike, unionizing move at Gawker, big window onto media labor relations

Members of the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia rally outside the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News building in 2006. Union members will vote Wednesday on whether to give leaders the right to call a walkout. (AP Photo/George Widman) Union members in Philadelphia will vote Wednesday evening on whether to give leaders the right to call a walkout … Read More

Former newsman earns his keep on fake news show

Cord Jefferson. (Courtesy photo) Last January, Cord Jefferson was offered what he calls an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Jefferson, who was then West Coast editor at Gawker, got a cold-call from the show runner of "Survivor's Remorse," a comedy on Starz that chronicles the life of a fictional NBA pro named Cam Calloway. Would he be interested in … Read More

Mic news director fired for plagiarism

Gawker | Politico Jared Keller, news director at Mic, has been fired from his position at the startup after a Gawker investigation unearthed "at least 20" plagiarized passages from a variety of news organizations including The Associated Press, Reuters and Storyful. Jake Horowitz, Mic's editor-in-chief, provided Poynter with the following statement: Jared Keller is no longer employed … Read More

What platishers, like Medium, mean for unknown writers

Early in November, Lauren Cusick, a former defense attorney, was listening to Serial. In one episode, a juror explained that a defendant’s choice not to testify contributed to a guilty verdict. In response, Cusick wrote a thoughtful, persuasive essay about a defendant’s invocation of Fifth Amendment rights and posted it on Medium. Cusick, who now lives in Japan, has … Read More

Nick Denton wants Gawker Media to reach more conservatives

Jason Parham's Kinja thing Gawker Media honcho Nick Denton Thursday told an editor (and careful Gawker readers) that he knows the company's audience leans left and wants its journalism to reach more conservatives: Let's welcome, if not out-and-out racists, then at least the wide array of people with whom a conversation is possible: national greatness conservatives, Burkean Tories and … Read More

Gawker editor: We 'must commit' to diversity

Gawker Gawker's Jason Parham wrote about the need for more diversity at Gawker on Monday. In the post, Parham published an internal email, which he sent in December, about why Gawker needs to add more diversity. So, here's the thing: For Gawker Media to compete, evolve, and grow, our commitment to create a self-operating ecosystem must involve … Read More

Former Racket executive editor rejoins Gawker

Gawker Alex Pareene, who was formerly executive editor of The Racket, a short-lived satirical news project from First Look Media, has joined Gawker Media as its special projects editor, executive editor for investigations John Cook announced Wednesday. In a post filed to "prodigal sons," Cook noted that Pareene, who was formerly a Gawker staffer, will be tasked with "developing … Read More

Gawker's New Year's resolution: Make some sub-blogs

Gawker On Friday, Gawker's Editor-in-Chief Max Read posted a memo about his plans for 2015 at Gawker. The way Gawker's homepage is set up has been frustrating, Read wrote. And so they're going diagonal. The basic structure is simple. Rather than publish everything directly to the home page, we'll publish our stories to a set of beat-focused sub-blogs, … Read More

Buy the journalist in your life a drone. Or a selfie stick

Good morning. Thanks for hanging in there with me this week. We're taking a newsletter break for the holidays but will return on Monday, Jan. 5, brimming with news and probably an extra five pounds from all that day drinking. In the meantime, Poynter has a lot of great stories lined up for your holiday reading pleasure. For now, here … Read More

No interviews at premiere for 'The Interview'

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories. No interviews at premiere of 'The Interview' "Sony Pictures said Wednesday that no broadcast media will be invited to cover the film's red carpet Thursday in Los Angeles and no interviews will be granted to print reporters at the screening." (AP) The Washington Post found more people Rolling Stone didn't interview T. Read More