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U.S. appeals court orders YouTube take down anti-Muslim film

Associated Press | Reuters | EFF

In Wednesday’s decision on Garcia v. Google Inc., a three-judge panel for the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered YouTube to remove the video “Innocence of Muslims” from its platform. It also reinstated Cindy Lee Garcia’s copyright lawsuit against Google.

The 2012 video, created by filmmaker Mark Basseley Youssef, led to riots and deaths throughout the Middle East. The 13-minute film depicts the Prophet Mohammed as a “fool and a sexual deviant.”

President Obama and other world leaders had asked YouTube to take down the video, but YouTube resisted due to “unwarranted government censorship” that “would violate the Google-owned company’s free speech protections.”… Read more

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Two biggest social networks

Facebook vs. Google, social media vs. SEO: Why BuzzFeed data shouldn’t declare a winner

Last week, the latest traffic referral report from BuzzFeed caught Marshall Simmonds’s eye. The data indicated Facebook delivered about 3.5 times more page views to BuzzFeed Network sites in December than Google did:



If that observation were broadly applicable to publishers across the web, it would be a game-changer. Simmonds, CEO of Define Media Group, thought it wasn’t, so he posted a rebuttal responding to writers who he felt interpreted the chart too broadly.… Read more


Three simple Google tools journalists can adopt to draw traffic

Google is increasingly emphasizing the ways it can be of service to the media, and the company held a summit in Chicago last week sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Online News Association and Northwestern University’s Knight Lab.

I won’t get into the weeds of how to build Fusion Tables or use the Maps Engine in this recap of the event — see Google’s new Media Tools site for detailed resources. Instead, here are three simple strategies for taking advantage of Google’s products that you can implement right away.

1. Sign up for Google+ Authorship

Google’s Nicholas Whitaker opened a session on Google+ by asking how many of us had a Google+ profile.… Read more

Google Play Newsstand, a new platform from Google for Android devices. (

Is Google Play Newsstand a viable alternative to standalone Android apps?

Google introduced its latest platform for consuming news on Android devices today, suggesting that news organizations’ native apps aren’t serving readers well — even as those apps continue to be offered in the Google Play Store.

The new Google Play Newsstand replaces Android’s Magazine and Currents apps and promises one central home for magazine and newspaper subscriptions on smartphones and tablets.

But fear not: This has nothing in common with Apple’s much-maligned and same-named Newsstand, which is little more than a forced hub for certain news apps. Rather, the Google Play Newsstand is an app itself, a Flipboard-style reader with content from major publications like the Chicago Tribune and free blogs like the Verge. Crucially — and here’s how it separates itself from Currents — Newsstand allows for paid, subscription-based access, bringing paywall publishers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal into the fold.… Read more


Google gathers tools for journalists in one spot

Wednesday, Google unveiled a new home for its products that might help journalists.

“What we hope is that it allows the journalists who already have some understanding of these tools to further explore them,” Daniel Sieberg, Google’s head of media outreach, said in a phone call with Poynter. “And for the ones who didn’t know, it gives them a place to start.”

The site offers stops for finding trends and surveys, sections on publishing, a maps engine — including a lite version that allows users to customize maps and add in locations — and even the company’s own Transparency Report, showing requests from governments around the world for removal of content during the past six months.… Read more

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Don Graham approached Mike Bloomberg, Eric Schmidt about buying Washington Post

The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos “wasn’t the only billionaire wooed” by Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald Graham and the investment bank Allen & Co., Steven Mufson writes. Others included:

Robert Allbritton, owner of Politico and whose family once owned the Washington Star; Michael R. Bloomberg, who some people believed would want a daily print outlet in addition to his economic-driven subscriber news and data service; David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group and a major Washington philanthropist; and Eric Schmidt, who was chief executive of Google for 10 years.

The asking price in other negotiations reached $600 million, according to people familiar with the talks; for one prospective buyer, the price was significantly higher, according to a person whose advice was solicited by that person.

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Yahoo beats Google in July comScore ratings

comScore | CNN

Yahoo’s sites edged out Google’s in July 2013 to be the top collection of Internet properties in the U.S., according to comScore.

Yahoo had 196,564,000 unique visitors, comScore says, compared with Google’s 192,251,000.

Traffic from Tumblr, which Yahoo acquired in May, “did not directly contribute to Yahoo’s visitor tally,” comScore’s Andrew Lipsman told CNN. Tumblr is the 28th most popular site in comScore’s rankings.

Other news sites in the Top 10 include AOL’s sites, which include The Huffington Post and TechCrunch, as well as those belonging to CBS Interactive and Turner Digital. The New York Times’ sites are No. 33 on the list.… Read more


Google introduces new feature to help people find in-depth stories

Google introduced a new feature this afternoon that makes it easier for people to find relevant, in-depth articles about broad topics.

Jake Hubert, product manager, said Google research shows that about 10 percent of Google searches are for broad topics such as happiness, love and stem-cell research.

“We’re trying to find the best in-depth content,” Hubert said by phone. “A lot of it will be from well-known publications, but sometimes the best answer is from someone’s blog or a local paper.”
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France Google

Is Google’s agreement with French publishers exportable to the U.S.?

You may have missed the news in early February that Google has established a $60 million Euro (about $80 million) fund to support a group of French publishers in their digital enterprises.

Not only that, Google chairman Eric Schmidt jetted to Paris for a signing ceremony photo op with France’s president, Francois Hollande. A few months earlier, the search giant had set up similar but much smaller subsidy for Belgian publishers. Concurrently, the company has been battling, so far successfully, proposed German legislation that would let publishers charge for search engine aggregation of their articles.

So is there a possibility that Google will ease the financial pain of American publishers with a similar agreement? Extrapolating from estimates by French news industry analyst Frederic Filloux, scaling up such a fund in the same proportion to U.S.… Read more


Google prepares a mobile marketplace for news content

Android Police | The Next Web | Read Write
A newspaper section is coming to the Google Play store for Android-powered mobile devices, according to a report by Android Police. Google Play News would join the store’s existing marketplaces for apps, magazines, books, movies and music.

The scoop is based on Android Police noticing some hints in the JavaScript code that runs the Play store, with various messages for users to purchase “issues” or “subscriptions” of news “editions.”

It could become an important market for news publishers, as Android-powered tablets surpass iPads in market share. Publishers have been able to sell subscriptions within their Android apps for nearly a year now, but having a special storefront for news in the Play store could help drive readers that way.… Read more