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Google introduces new feature to help people find in-depth stories

Google introduced a new feature this afternoon that makes it easier for people to find relevant, in-depth articles about broad topics.

Jake Hubert, product manager, said Google research shows that about 10 percent of Google searches are for broad topics such as happiness, love and stem-cell research.

"We're trying to find the best in-depth content," Hubert said by phone. "A lot of it will be from well-known publications, but sometimes the best answer is from someone's blog or a local paper." (more...)
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Is Google’s agreement with French publishers exportable to the U.S.?

You may have missed the news in early February that Google has established a $60 million Euro (about $80 million) fund to support a group of French publishers in their digital enterprises.

Not only that, Google chairman Eric Schmidt jetted … Read more


Google prepares a mobile marketplace for news content

Android Police | The Next Web | Read Write
A newspaper section is coming to the Google Play store for Android-powered mobile devices, according to a report by Android Police. Google Play News would join the store's existing marketplaces for apps, magazines, books, movies and music.

The scoop is based on Android Police noticing some hints in the JavaScript code that runs the Play store, with various messages for users to purchase "issues" or "subscriptions" of news "editions."

It could become an important market for news publishers, as Android-powered tablets surpass iPads in market share. Publishers have been able to sell subscriptions within their Android apps for nearly a year now, but having a special storefront for news in the Play store could help drive readers that way.

But this news app market will face some significant hurdles. (more...)

Why the Google Reader shutdown matters

Google | Forbes
Google's announcment that it will shut down its RSS aggregator Google Reader in July triggered a wave of grave-dancing on Twitter Wednesday night:

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Google Glass is here: How to build news apps that get in users’ faces

Google Glass, a pair of wearable computer-enhanced eyeglasses, is possibly the next-big-thing in mobile computing.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin wears Google Glass glasses at an event in San Francisco in February. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
About 8,000 developers have prototypes, and the public is expected to be able to buy them soon. Early reviews are a mix of awesome and awkward -- life-changing technology held back only by concerns about privacy and aesthetics.

We've been expecting this evolution since at least 2011, when Poynter friends and former fellows Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan created a futuristic video called "The Storm Collection" depicting a future where "photo frames, windshields and eyeglasses become heads-up-displays for information. Call them NUDs: news-up-displays."

It's here. (more...)

Developer explains why it’s more fun to work at a newspaper than Google

Chicago Tribune
Abe Epton shares what he likes about working for the Chicago Tribune's news apps team after five years at Google News:

I think people interested in code and civic society should really think about joining a newspaper -- yes, a newspaper (or any media outlet) -- in 2013.

... It’s comforting to know how hard it is to break something at Google, but it’s frustrating to wait forever before anyone ever uses your code. At the Tribune, I had some Javascript running in public by the end of my first week. And I barely know Javascript, but the demands of a continuous news cycle require a lot of flexibility, which also means a lot of variety in what you work on. (more...)

Google wins $1 million worth of USA Today ads in Print Advertising competition

The New York Times
Google Creative Lab won a print-advertising contest run by USA Today. Publisher Larry Kramer tells The New York Times "he could see how people may consider it 'hysterical,'" Stuart Elliott writes.

First prize is $1 million worth of advertising in USA Today. “A million dollars is nothing to laugh at," Google Creative Lab Chief Creative Officer Robert Wong told Elliott. The contest was spawned after a conversation between Kramer and USA Today media columnist Michael Wolff, Elliott reports. Wolff was one of the contest's judges.

The winning ad shows the first paragraph of a newspaper story about the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Via deft copy-editing marks, the ad shows how visa problems preventing a meeting between the two could have been solved by using a Google Hangout. Still, there's something pretty uncomfortable about the Google unit that created Google News winning this thing, right? After all, Google earned more than the entire newspaper industry in 2011. (more...)

Flaming man, bear driving car fail to distract newspaper readers in ad

Newspapers Work | Paid Content

The Belgian publishers trade group Newspapers Work released an ad at Christmastime purporting to show the power of the printed word: They provided advertisers with a car and driver and then tried to freak them out. None looked up from their papers, even when presented with a flaming jogger, men playing golf on a median strip or a trouserless driver.


The Top 5 ‘Gmail is down’ stories

Several news organizations cranked out stories about Gmail's outage Monday.

Any good Gmail-is-down story has four major elements: 1) Notice that the service was unavailable; 2) Vague references to people complaining on Twitter; 3) News that Google's Apps Status Dashboard had no updates; 4) A promise of updates. Here are the five best stories:

1. "Gmail Is Down, Permission to Give Up Granted" (Betabeat) You might as well use a good headline.

2. "Gmail Blackout: This is The End of The World Mayans Predicted" (PolicyMic) Bonus points for shameless SEO, apocalypse reference. (more...)
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Google acquires media companies without becoming one

Forbes | LA Times | Wall Street Journal
Google is "unarguably a media company" following its acquisition of travel-guide publisher Frommer's, Jeff Bercovici writes. "The travel-guide publisher is indisputably a content business, not a platform or a network or anything else more quintessentially Google-y."

So, should the rest of The Media think of Google as one of their own? It's complicated. (more...)