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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton: The world needs more explanatory journalism

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sees the need for more explanatory journalism, Dan Merica reported for CNN on Wednesday. Clinton spoke at the University of Connecticut.

Clinton’s comments came as part of the question and answer portion to Wednesday’s event. University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst asked Clinton about how journalism has changed and whether journalists could help break gridlock that has halted work in Washington.

The former secretary of state went on to say that she feels there is a space for “explanatory journalism because there’s a lot going on in the world that needs explanation.”

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Buffett group reportedly looking at some Tribune papers


There are certainly good parts of the company we’d have a good interest in,” BH Media Group CEO Terry Kroeger told NetNewsCheck’s Lou Carlozo about Tribune Co.’s newspapers. Kroeger “declined to elaborate further,” Carlozo writes, but during a speech Monday he said: “The big money-center markets are not what we do best,” and that his division of Berkshire Hathaway, which owns dozens of newspapers, is “best in the 40,000 to a 100,000 circulation range.”

By that metric, Tribune papers like The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa., the Daily Press of Newport News, Va., and the Hartford Courant could interest Warren Buffett’s company, Carlozo writes. Last December, Buffett told reporters from the Morning Call that “Allentown is our kind of place” and that while he hadn’t heard from Tribune directly, “if the phone rings, I’ll answer.”

Tribune Co. reportedly planned to sell its print newspapers after it emerged from bankruptcy at the end of last year, but it later announced it would separate its print and broadcast properties. That didn’t necessarily mean the company had abandoned the idea of selling its print properties, Walter Hamilton wrote at the time, but he noted it had “yet to open the newspapers’ books to potential buyers.”

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Hartford Courant says new site does not have a paywall

Connecticut Newsroom | LA Observed | New Haven Register
The Hartford Courant has a new site called CourantPlus. Matt DeRienzo, group editor of Journal Register Company’s Connecticut papers, calls it a paywall. Print subscribers, he reports, received a postcard offering free access to the site through March 17.

“The Hartford Courant has not implemented a pay-wall,” Courant Publisher Rich Graziano tells Poynter in an email. “What Mr. DeRienzo is referencing is market research.” Read more


Hartford Courant launches new Spanish-language site to replace Google Translate version

The Hartford Courant has abandoned its previous Spanish-language site, which ran the Courant’s content through Google Translate.

In an email to Poynter, Tribune Company spokesperson Gary Weitman says the new site, Noticias, launched last week and “is a 100-percent Spanish language news site produced by our newsroom.”

The Courant has also hired a part-time local editor, Marysol Saldana-Knipper, who will assist in translating Courant-produced stories into Spanish. The Courant also recently launched Mi Comunidad, produced by Courant Photojournalist Patrick Raycraft, it’s a multimedia news package highlighting stories from our growing Latino community. Patrick is fluent in Spanish and his stories will be appear regularly on Noticias.

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J-educator re-subscribes to newspaper, gets scolded by columnist for dropping it

Hartford Courant
Frank Harris III recently re-subscribed to the New Haven Register after reading it online and occasionally picking up a newsstand copy for more than a year. “Yes, there is something about reading it in the morning in bed or at my kitchen table with toast and oatmeal and milk or grape juice and eggs, or reading it outside on my deck or on the front steps with the sun shining on my head,” writes the Southern Connecticut State University journalism department chairman. His piece rubbed Courant columnist Rick Green the wrong way:

I’m glad you know how to read the news for free online, Frank. But a journalism department chairman who can’t be bothered to actually subscribe to a daily newspaper? How do you think your students might one day actually get paid for their work? Another sign of the times, I suppose..

I asked Harris what he thought about the “scolding” from Green. His response to the columnist:

You have cast the first stone. But you too have sinned. Your blog, for instance: By posting online, are you not contributing to the demise of print? Are you not contributing to journalistic sin? Welcome to journalism hell, Rick.

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