"House of Cards"


'House of Cards' journalists portrayed as odd but at least they're not sociopaths

Anyone who is up-to-date on the Netflix TV drama "House of Cards" knows that journalists play a significant role. I have something to say about that with the goal of viewing this portrayal within a historical context of fictional representations of reporters and editors. (If you have not yet binge-watched the 26 episodes, not to worry. There are no spoilers … Read More

'House of Cards' continues grand Hollywood tradition of fake newsrooms

"House of Cards" was filmed in part at the Baltimore Sun's building, where producers built the newsroom for the fictional Washington Herald (not to be confused with The Washington Globe from the 2009 film "State of Play" or the "Washington Capital" in the thriller "The Rules of the Game" by former Washington Post Executive Editor Len Downie Jr.). Last June Sun reporter David Zurawik wrote he hadn't been able to see the sets -- which weren't in the Sun's newsroom -- but he could see the Herald's sign outside. Read More