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What’s in a name? For American newspapers, tradition and direction

Today, with the change of a name, International Herald Tribune readers became readers of The International New York Times. It’s a change that happens from time to time, reflecting business decisions or sometimes philosophical ones.

In his book “Discovering the News: A Social History of American Newspapers,” Columbia Journalism School professor Michael Schudson writes about the shift that happened among American newspapers in the 1930s.

“There was a move to more community-oriented and aggressive newspapers,” Schudson says, “not just waiting for the news to come to them.” Read more

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International Herald Tribune name hits newsstands one last time

Guardian | International Herald Tribune

Monday is the last day the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times’ Paris-based international paper, will appear under its old name. It will become The International New York Times tomorrow.

The Guardian’s Ed Pilkington asked Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson why the paper thought it could compete in “the famously cut-throat UK market.”

“The thirst for the quality information the New York Times provides is very real and pretty unquenchable at this point,” Abramson told him.

But what can the NYT offer British readers that they don’t already get? “Sophistication of analysis and news presentation that we do on a higher plane than anywhere else.”

New York Times editors don’t do modesty, Abramson no exception. She says her ambition for the paper is to become “the international provider of the highest quality news and information.

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New York Times adds members to editorial board as new international edition nears

Mira Kamdar and Masaru Tamamoto have joined The New York Times’ editorial board part-time, a memo from Andy Rosenthal, Terry Tang, Trish Hall and Sewell Chan told staffers Tuesday morning. They join the Times as it prepares to rename the International Herald Tribune as The International New York Times. The renamed paper will launch Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The memo also lists some contributors whom the Times announced yesterday would contribute to the INYT, including former Le Monde Editor-in-Chief Sylvie Kauffmann and the Israeli writer Shmuel Rosner.

Serge Schmemann, who edited the Herald Tribune’s editorial page, “will bring his many years of experience as a correspondent and editor to writing for the opinion pages,” the memo, reproduced below, says. Read more

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International Herald Tribune to be renamed International New York Times

The New York Times Co. | The New York Times
Good-bye, International Herald Tribune: The New York Times Co. is rebranding its European newspaper. The company believes “there is significant potential to grow the number of New York Times subscribers outside of the United States,” Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson said in a statement.

The IHT has “had three different nameplates in its 125-year history, with ‘New York’ in its title for 80 of those years,” its publisher, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, said in the same statement. Read more

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