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Condé Nast settles intern lawsuit

Capital New York

The lawsuit brought by two former Condé Nast interns will be settled, Nicole Levy reported Friday in Capital New York.

The lawsuit, “Ballinger v. Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.,” was filed in U.S. District Court in New York last June by Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Leib, who alleged they had been paid below minimum wage for their respective summer internships at W magazine and The New Yorker. About four months later, Condé Nast decided it would discontinue its internship program.

According to a staff memo, Levy reported, C.E.O. Chuck Townsend said “We believe that settling the lawsuit at this time is the right business decision for Condé Nast.” The terms of the settlement are still being worked out, Townsend wrote.

Condé Nast shut down its intern program in October of last year.… Read more


More journalism fellowships, internships deadlines approaching for 2014

Although the first wave of internship and fellowship deadlines passed in November, numerous opportunities are still available for students, recent graduates and experienced full-time journalists. Get your applications in on time to take advantage of these opportunities in 2014 (listed in order of deadline — strikethrough means deadline has passed):

  • Investigative Reporters and Editors Student Mentorship Program
    IRE is launching a new one-year mentorship program to pair student journalists with professionals for “one-on-one guidance, advice, critiques and conversation, and online training opportunities.” Soon-to-graduate college students who are IRE members are eligible.
    Deadline: Dec. 20, 2013
    Apply online
  • Associated Press Global News Internship Program
    Twenty students or recent graduates with experience in video enter a 12-week summer internship at AP’s U.S. and international bureaus covering breaking news.
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Carr: Rethink internships and increase reach, talent

The New York Times

Ending those unpaid or poorly paying internships isn’t really the answer, David Carr writes in The New York Times. Perhaps the whole concept needs to be rethought, he suggests. Three years ago, Carr reports, Atlantic Media ended unpaid internships and started a year-long fellowship program. Now, 45 fellows work across the company.… Read more

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Ethics of unpaid internships

Unpaid internships have been getting a lot of attention recently, most of it unwanted, as the result of lawsuits and canceled programs.

ProPublica has been covering the issue, from Northwestern’s residency program to harassment legal loopholes leaving unpaid interns vulnerable.

It recently raised $22,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to hire intern Casey McDermott to document the story of countless unpaid internships across the country.

Replay the live chat to read what ProPublica’s reporting intern Kara Brandeisky and McDermott had to say on whether we are at a turning point in unpaid internships, how widespread the practice of hiring unpaid interns is and strategies for getting and surviving one.

You can find any past chat at


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Conde Nast ends internship program


Conde Nast plans to end its internship program beginning next year, Erik Maza reports in Women’s Wear Daily.

“The end of the program comes after the publisher was sued this summer by two former interns who claimed they were paid below the minimum wage during internships at W and The New Yorker,” he writes.… Read more

Can you afford it?

Journalism internships can be a ‘financial strain’

ProPublica’s report on the Medill Journalism Residency, or “JR” program, raises valid ethical and financial concerns about unpaid academic internships. Medill recently asked news organizations that host its students for the mandatory internships to consider paying them. That’s a good step: The program can put a financial strain on Medill undergrads.

My time at Poynter as the Institute’s first JR student was transformative. Working with Mallary Tenore and Andrew Beaujon at Poynter Online improved my technical skills as a reporter and writer and was invaluable in my ethical and emotional development as a journalist. I also gained newsroom and social media experience that was distinct from on-campus, classroom-based learning.

(Poynter decided it would start paying its JR students after receiving the request from Medill: “We thought it was important to do so, given the work we are asking of the students,” Tenore told me in an email.)

For students, the costs of JR can be high.… Read more

Resume Fill Opening New Position Job Interview Experience

Why students who want to land an internship next summer should start preparing now

Whether currently interning for a news organization, taking classes or enjoying a vacation, journalism students seeking some of the best internships next summer need to start planning — now.

That preparation should include meticulously researching markets where you may want to intern and establishing portfolios with examples that show you’ll be ready to start producing professional-grade content from day one.

I talked with journalists from The Columbus Dispatch, The Dallas Morning News and the Indianapolis Star for their insights on what aspiring journalists should be doing this July to give themselves the best shot at an internship next July. Here’s what they had to say…

Get some experience, clips

Even if you didn’t have an internship this summer, apply for a position at the school newspaper and start building an online presence.… Read more


Former interns sue Conde Nast

The New York Times | ProPublica

Former New Yorker intern Matthew Leib and former W Magazine intern Lauren Ballinger are suing Conde Nast, saying they weren’t paid minimum wage. Their suit says Leib “was paid $300 to $500 for each summer he worked,” Christine Haughney reports.

Ballinger tells Haughney she “was paid $12 a day to work in W’s accessories department.”

She said that even one of the editors at W marveled how poor their work conditions were.

The editor said the job was reminiscent of Anne Hathaway’s job in “The Devil Wears Prada,” but worse, “because we don’t get any makeover in the end,” Ms. Ballinger said in the interview.

Leib and Ballinger asked for class action status for their suit, which like several other high-profile lawsuits regarding internships is being handled by the law firm Outten & Golden.… Read more


Hearst tries to get former interns on its side in unpaid internships lawsuit

New York Magazine
Hearst lawyers are preparing to defend themselves against a class-action lawsuit from unpaid interns, by reaching out to former interns who might attest to “the opportunities and experiences they received.”

New York Magazine reprinted an email that it says was sent to a number of former Harper’s Bazaar interns asking if they would talk to a Hearst lawyer.

As Poynter previously reported, Diana Wang, former “Head Accessories Intern” at Harper’s Bazaar, sued Hearst for not paying her. Lawyers estimate about 3,000 former interns may be eligible to join the class, but as of September only three others had done so.

Hearst requires that interns receive college credit for their experiences, and a Hearst VP previously told Poynter that Wang “misrepresented that she was a student, when in fact, she was not.”

Earlier: How to tell when unpaid internships are opportunities, when they’re an abuse | News organizations should rethink unpaid internshipsRead more

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10 steps young journalists can take to get a great internship

It’s fall, which means it’s time for young journalists to start getting their internship applications ready. It’s best to work on your applications sooner rather than later, and to find ways to make your application stand out from all the others. Crafting a strong application takes time, but it’s worth it if it lands you an internship — and possibly a job later down the road.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when applying for internships this fall.

Start looking now. It’s October. If you haven’t looked into newsroom internships or at least started researching deadline dates and application materials you’ll need, you’re behind. There’s no reason you can’t start researching possible newsrooms where you’d like to work, even if the application deadline isn’t until early next year.… Read more