We just read 160 resumes. Here are 10 things you should not do.

Budding journalists, how many places have you applied to this week? Last night? Today? It's a slog. We sympathize with you because we've been there before. Last week, the editorial staff at Poynter read resumes and cover letters from 160 Google News Lab Fellowship applicants. We've had good luck with this position in the past — Poynter's … Read More

Advice for summer interns: Don't screw this up

Kelly McBride and her daughter Molly in New York. (Photo courtesy of the Kelly McBride) My eldest got her dream internship. She starts next week. Here's the letter I wrote, with help from my friends. Dear daughter, Congrats on getting an internship at a place where you already love the journalism. I know you got called as an alternate, … Read More

Ethics of unpaid internships

Join ProPublica interns Kara Brandeisky and Casey McDermott at 3 p.m. for a chat on unpaid internships. Read More
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