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Press members photograph the Nokia Lumia 1020 during a Nokia event in July (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Nokia/AP Images).

What mobile journalists should have on their holiday shopping lists

Here are a few ideas for the mobile journalist’s holiday wish list as news production increasingly relies less on expensive, high-end cameras and laptops.… Read more


Photographer designs watermarking iPhone app to ward off copyright theft

British Journal of Photography
Photojournalist John D McHugh said battling against people sharing your photos on social media is a fight that "can’t be fought." So he designed Marksta, an iOS app that lets photographers add their name, logo or other information to a photo.

In an email interview, McHugh said other watermarking apps he tried "were very basic, and looked like they were either designed for kids, or by kids!" (You can decide that for yourself.) Marksta, he notes, lets photographers position a templated watermark anywhere they'd like on their photos, which frees them from worrying about whether their photos are being used without credit. (more...)
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WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein is donating this iPhone and a custom microphone stand he designed to hold it at press conferences.

WTOP ‘mojo’ pioneer donates iPhone to the Newseum

WTOP radio's mobile-journalism pioneer Neal Augenstein covers D.C.-area news using only his iPhone. Today, Augenstein and WTOP are donating his iPhone 4S to the Newseum, which welcomes it as an artifact of the new era of mobile-empowered reporting.

"I'm delighted the Newseum is recognizing that mobile journalism is taking its place along legacy reporting tools," Augenstein told me via email. "Being able to record and edit audio and video, take and edit pictures, write Web stories, and do social networking on a single device has revolutionized my job." (more...)
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Study: iPhones reach more news audience than Android phones by every measure

Reynolds Journalism Institute
Although a greater percentage of people own Android smartphones, those who own Apple iPhones are the most attractive audience for news publishers, according to new research from Roger Fidler at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

In fact, iPhone owners bested Android phone owners in every news-related category.

IPhone owners are more likely to subscribe to a local newspaper: (more...)

News apps are starting to update content when users change location

Instapaper | | Apple
A trendy new feature is starting to spread in iPhone news apps: Automatic downloading of the latest content based on a user's location.'s Paperboy feature lets a user designate his home location, and updates the content automatically whenever he leaves home. pioneered the approach last month with a feature nicknamed "Paperboy," which lets a user set her home location so the app can download the latest stories whenever she heads out. Now Instapaper has incorporated a similar feature that lets readers set up to 10 locations (home, work, gym, etc.) that should trigger the app to download any newly saved articles.

Why is that useful? It ensures a user has the latest content on her device before she gets on a subway, airplane or other places with no connectivity. It also gets around Apple's once-a-day limit on how often apps can download new content "in the background" on a device. With this approach, background downloading can happen multiple times as a user travels.

Location-based downloading takes advantage of "geofencing" technology built into iOS since version 4.0. With a user's permission, an iPhone or iPad app can define a virtual fence around certain geographic regions (a central point plus a given radius). iOS automatically monitors the device's location, and whenever one of the boundaries is crossed, it triggers a desired action, such as downloading content or reminding a user to pick up his dry cleaning nearby.

Related: Developer documentation on using iOS geofencing (Apple) | How location-based social network Foursquare is about to reinvent itself (TechCrunch) || Earlier: iPhone 4 could accelerate "geofencing" (Poynter) | News orgs should build apps that solve problems, not just republish content (Poynter)

iPad 3′s Retina display will make news apps stand out, present new challenges for news orgs

Apple announced its latest iPad today, which features a much higher resolution display that’s perfect for reading and for news apps.

The new iPad could finally elevate the text reading experience on a tablet to something much more akin to … Read more


AP, USA Today release rebuilt news apps

The Associated Press | USA Today
The AP released a rebuilt version of its AP Mobile news app for iPhone and iPad today. In addition to a new look (especially on the iPad, which formerly had an awkward timeline-browsing interface), the app adds a “Big Stories” section with multimedia coverage of major stories, and now includes select local stories from partner news orgs. It also sports the new AP logo in the wild for the first time. USA Today also released version 2.0 of its iPhone app, including photo and video enhancements among many tweaks. || Earlier: and Readability each launched their first iPhone apps; soon, so will Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Gannett buys thousands of iPhones, iPads for its journalists

Gannett Blog
Gannett is buying thousands of new iPhones, iPads, netbooks, portable wireless hotspots and A/V accessories for its journalists at U.S. newspapers. Jim Hopkins has the memo from Gannett U.S. newspapers division President Bob Dickey. Equipment arrives in January, followed by training, then editors will be told how to distribute it. || Earlier: JRC gives iPhones, iPads and netbooks to ideaLab members (Digital First) | BBC develops iPhone app for its reporters (

Amazon app update turns an iPad into a Kindle Fire

Until today, people with iPads or iPhones could use Amazon’s Kindle app only to read e-books. But a newly released version 2.9 of the app adds access to the over 400 magazines and newspapers that are available on Kindle … Read more


CNN’s Zite launches iPhone app for personalized news, and tests a business model

Personalized news aggregator Zite, acquired by CNN in September, is going strong. Today it launches its first iPhone app, and earlier this week it began testing an innovative business model.

“So far CNN has been an ideal partner,” Zite CEO … Read more

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