Career Beat: Daniel Norselli named president and publisher of the Springfield News-Leader

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Daniel Norselli is now president and publisher of the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader and The Baxter Bulletin. Previously, he was senior digital sales director for the Democrat and Chronicle Media Group. (Gannett)
  • Katie Hawkins-Gaar will be Poynter’s digital innovation faculty member. She is editor of CNN’s iReport. (Poynter)
  • Jenna Wortham is now a staff writer at The New York Times Magazine. Previously, she was a columnist on the business desk. (New York Times)
  • Jessica Lustig will be deputy editor at The New York Times Magazine. Previously, she was a staff editor there. (Poynter)
  • Ethan Bronner will be managing editor for international government at Bloomberg News. Previously, he was deputy national editor at The New York Times.
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How CNN’s iReport verifies its citizen content

The protests that erupted in Nigeria earlier this month over skyrocketing fuel prices initially received only a small amount of coverage from North American media, including CNN.

But CNN’s iReport team soon began seeing a steady stream of photos, videos and on the ground reports submitted by users in Nigeria. It became clear they couldn’t ignore the story.

“CNN wasn’t really covering that story at all until we started seeing an outpouring of contributions of video and photos and people writing into iReport over and over for days,” said Lila King, participation director for CNN Digital. “It made us say, ‘Gosh, you know we really need to be paying attention to this.’ ”

The result was increased coverage on CNN properties featuring the material submitted by a range of Nigerian citizens and freelancers. Read more

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iReport turns 5: Citizen journalism ‘at the core’ of CNN’s coverage of big news

CNN’s iReport system for citizen journalism turns 5 years old Tuesday. The director, Lila King, talked to Beet.TV about how the project has changed CNN and evolved over the years. She says citizen reporters’ contributions are now “at the core of the way we [CNN] tell most big breaking news stories.” More than 800,000 people from every country have contributed reports, King said. The thing they have in common is that “they feel deeply connected to the stories that they share, in a way that maybe traditional journalists might not,” King said. “There’s an enormous amount of subjectivity on iReport, and people who approach stories with a lot of passion and personal experience because they’re living right in the middle of them.” Editors at CNN have learned to become curators in addition to newsgatherers, she said, as they work with iReporters to cover “stories where we don’t have cameras in places where you need cameras.” Read more

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