Jack Shafer


Press critic Jack Shafer to join Politico

The Huffington Post Jack Shafer, formerly a media critic for Slate and Reuters, will join Politico, according to a staff memo from Politico editor Susan Glasser. At Politico, Shafer's duties will include writing a regular column and reporting out longer pieces, according to the memo. As we begin the quadrennial follies of a presidential election amid a wave … Read More

So what if NYT writes about other papers now and then?

Slate Times ombudsman Arthur Brisbane says he understands why some readers don't like it when the paper "slips a shiv" into other newspapers. It’s unseemly and makes The Times, which is viewed as journalism’s top dog, look like a bully. It’s clear, as well, that some readers expect The Times to apply the same laser-like focus … Read More