Jill Abramson


Jill Abramson's longform journalism venture with Steve Brill is on hold, for now

A few months after she was fired from her job as The New York Times' top editor, Jill Abramson announced she was working with media mogul Steven Brill on a longform journalism startup. The idea, outlined by Abramson in 2014, was ambitious: Commission "one perfect whale of a story" every month for $100,000 and make that story available … Read More

Jill Abramson startup to advance writers up to $100k for longform work

Former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson shed light this weekend on her plans with Steven Brill to grow a start up. Writers will be paid advances around $100,000 to produce stories that will be longer than long magazine articles but shorter than books, she said. There will be “one perfect whale of a story” each month and … Read More