Jon Stewart

New York Times publishes full-page ad celebrating Jon Stewart

Add one more item to the growing list of tributes to Jon Stewart, whose last episode of "The Daily Show" airs tonight. This morning's edition of The New York Times carries the following ad honoring the comedian, taken out by Comedy Central: The ad. (Photo by Benjamin Mullin) The display didn't come cheap. According to The New York Times' … Read More

Front page of the day: Goodbye Jon Stewart...

Chicago's RedEye led Thursday with a farewell to Jon Stewart, who, if you hadn't heard, will host his last episode of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" tonight. Poynter's Ben Mullin asked journalists on the media beat for their assessment of Stewart's run. This is from CNN's Brian Stelter: Photo illustration by Gurman Bhatia. Original photo via … Read More

Here are 4 of our favorite Jon Stewart media moments

Perhaps no actual journalist has been accorded the kind of public adulation that has preceded this week's exit of fake newsman Jon Stewart. New Yorker Editor David Remnick weighed in, deploying elevated language to describe Stewart in terms that would probably make the comedian bristle. Jake Tapper, host of CNN's "State of the Union," spent nearly five minutes … Read More

Russian 'law on bloggers' takes effect today

Hello there. Sorry this isn't Beaujon. Here are 10 or so media stories. Happy Friday! Russian blogger law goes into effect: It could crack down on free expression, Alec Luhn explains: "Popularly known as the 'law on bloggers,' the legislation requires users of any website whose posts are read by more than 3,000 people each day to publish under … Read More

As 'Daily Show' turns 15 years old, Jon Stewart's best media criticism moments

The longest-running show on Comedy Central debuted July 21, 1996 -- 15 years ago this week. Jon Stewart became host of "The Daily Show" in 1999, and has been commenting on the media ever since. Stewart, who has often been compared to broadcast news icon Edward R. Murrow, insists he is not a journalist but holds accountable those who are. Stewart and his staff are serious about media criticism, as they told Mallary Tenore in 2009. Here are highlights of the show's media criticism through the years. Read More

Is Jon Stewart the modern-day equivalent of Edward R. Murrow?

New York Times The Comedy Central star's push for federal funds for the health care of 9/11 responders has some making the comparison. It's a legitimate one, says Syracuse U.'s Robert Thompson, because the law almost surely wouldn't have moved forward without Jon Stewart's "advocacy satire." || Even the White House took notice. || A … Read More