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Jonah Lehrer says he's sorry, again

Serial plagiarist and fabricator Jonah Lehrer wants readers to know he made a "mistake." That's according to the introduction for his latest book, an exploration about intimate human relationships called "A Book About Love." In the book, his first solo effort since being outed for fabricating quotes by Bob Dylan and cribbing work from other authors, Lehrer says he's … Read More

Knight Foundation says it was a mistake to pay Jonah Lehrer $20,000

You've spoken, we agree - it was a mistake for a #journalism foundation to pay @jonahlehrer for a speech #infoneeds— Knight Foundation (@knightfdn) February 14, 2013 At a Knight Foundation lunch Tuesday, Jonah Lehrer apologized for plagiarism, fabrication and other ethical lapses in his articles and books. Now the Knight Foundation is apologizing for paying Lehrer $20,000 to speak at that lunch. Knight reveals that it invited Lehrer to speak after he had already lost jobs with The New Yorker and Wired for repeatedly misrepresenting his work as original: Read More

Jonah Lehrer apologizes, makes everyone angrier

The Washington Post | The Atlantic Wire | BuzzFeed | The Week | New York | Slate | Flavorwire | Forbes Jonah Lehrer's speech Tuesday at a Knight Foundation seminar "turned out to be significantly more about himself than I had expected,” Knight President Alberto Ibargüen told The Washington Post's Erik Wemple. But the speech, Ibargüen said, contained themes of “trust and arrogance and groupthink and the appeal of inconvenient ideas that are still relevant" to the assembled community-group leaders ostensibly there to "explore the topic of community information needs." The speech was live-streamed over the Internet, though, winning it an audience keen to gawk at the former New Yorker and Wired writer's first post-plagiarism-scandal public appearance. That outside-inside dynamic was cast in stark relief on an onstage screen displaying tweets about the speech. "Said tweets were critical," J.K. Trotter understates in an Atlantic Wire post, collecting a few. A headline on a post by BuzzFeed's John Herrman called the spectacle "The Final Humiliation Of Jonah Lehrer." And one on Chris Gayomali's post about the speech in The Week called Lehrer's appearance a "bizarre digital flogging." Read More