Jonah Lehrer


Timeline of Jonah Lehrer plagiarism, fabrication revelations

June 19: Jim Romenesko reported that Jonah Lehrer recycled material for a New Yorker story June 19: Joe Coscarelli published additional examples of Lehrer recycling material in New Yorker blog posts June 19: Jacob Silverman found examples of Lehrer recycling in stories for The New York Times June 20: Edward Champion published a comprehensive catalog of Lehrer's recycling June 20: Lehrer apologized for recycling his own material June 21: New Yorker editor David Remnick said, "...if he were making things up or appropriating other people’s work that’s one level of crime.” July 30: Michael Moynihan revealed fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in Lehrer’s “Imagine” July 30: Lehrer resigned from The New Yorker Read More

Pity Wired’s fact-checkers if Jonah Lehrer writes again for the magazine

Update: BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith broke the news Wednesday that Wired is keeping confessed fabricator, problematic science writer, and self-plagiarist Jonah Lehrer on contract. Wired spokesman Jonathan Hammond told the site that Lehrer had "a couple of pieces that were already in the works" and was expected to contribute in the future. Based on that information, I examined what … Read More