Jose Antonio Vargas


Jose Antonio Vargas is relaunching #EmergingUS on Medium

"Excuse me, can I bother you for a second?" Onscreen is Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Washington Post political reporter turned filmmaker and entrepreneur. He's holding a poster-sized section from the 2010 census, the page that asks readers to describe their race. In front of him are White people, pulled aside for interviews on a street in Iowa. Vargas … Read More

#EmergingUS launches $1 million crowdfunding campaign to cover the country's changing identity

#EmergingUS announced the launch of a million dollar crowdfunding campaign through Beacon on Thursday. The campaign marks the next stage in the evolution of the project, which focuses on the redefining demographic shifts in our country. It's also the biggest yet for Beacon, a journalism crowdfunding platform. Beacon plans to match each pledge dollar … Read More

Jose Antonio Vargas and the L.A. Times create a platform for immigration and identity

CNN | Los Angeles Times On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times announced a new partnership with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas in creating #EmergingUS. According to a press release, the multimedia platform will examine "the intersection of race, immigration, identity and the complexities of multiculturalism. #EmergingUS will aim to illuminate these issues and create a dialogue at a … Read More

Jose Antonio Vargas arrested for driving without a valid license

MinnPost Journalist turned immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas was arrested Friday in Minnesota for driving without a valid license. The offense typically leads to a citation, rather than an arrest, reports Beth Hawkins for MinnPost, so it's unclear why Vargas was arrested. He was released soon after and tweeted: Thank you to everyone for your support. I am fine.— Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting) October 6, 2012 Vargas is scheduled to appear in court in two weeks, on Oct. 18, Hawkins reports. Read More
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