Journalism education and training

UCLA reporting honors photojournalist's memory

In their last year of college, a reporter and photographer spent 24 days in Malawi conducting interviews and taking photographs to create an ambitious newspaper report about a sensitive human-rights story. But to pay for the trip, they didn’t have to hit the lottery or save money by sleeping in their cars. Presented by the Daily Bruin, UCLA's student paper, … Read More

Tips for Storytellers: How to make photos better

As a designer and editor, my projects have been made infinitely better because I've worked with stellar photojournalists. They've patiently schooled me on the importance of capturing the moment, finding the best light and thinking about composition. Here are a few tips. Part of a series of graphics with tips for storytellers, think of this as bite-sized inspiration. Next Friday: … Read More

$1 million in micro-grants available to journalism schools

Journalism schools are being challenged to lead innovative as part of a trifecta of digital initiatives announced by the Knight Foundation today. A four-way collaboration among the Democracy Fund, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, the Excellence and Ethics in Journalism Foundation, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and run by the Online … Read More

Tips for Storytellers: How to make the most of your tweets

My Grandma Helfrey was a master storyteller, using voices and just the right sense of humor. Over the years at Poynter, I've met a host of great storytellers and I've loved seeing them perfect the tools of their trade—for writing, audio, video, photography, graphics, social media and more. To summarize a few of the ideas that have stuck with me, … Read More

Journalism program takes lessons from teaching hospitals

What’s happening in journalism education sounds eerily like what’s happened to the newspaper industry over the last decade-and-a-half: While the talk in academia is of adjuncts and buyouts instead of freelancers and layoffs, professors are hearing more and more that commentators predict serious … Read More

Why rainbow colors aren't the best option for data visualizations

Data visualizations are beautiful, exciting ways to tell stories. But you have to choose carefully in designing a map or chart, and one of the biggest mistakes is misusing rainbow colors. Rainbow color schemes -- also called spectral color schemes -- are frequent choices for visualizing data, both because they look bold and exciting and because they're the default for … Read More