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Keith Olbermann chides the press for giving Trump a pass

The media critique by one of its best-known TV practitioners is characteristically straightforward and acerbic: "Polarization of news is not new, but its failure to ask the candidate tough questions — the ones that might cause him to refuse to call in to your morning show or provide hours of free TV content — will be the legacy of Campaign 2016," writes … Read More

'Countdown' announces more regular contributors

Romenesko Misc. | | David Shuster will be guest host when Keith Olbermann is unable to be in-studio, says a release. Show regulars will include Matt Taibbi, John Dean, Heather McGhee, Jeremy Scahill, Donald Sutherland and other "notable policy-makers, thought leaders, journalists, comedians, activists and other progressive voices." || Olbermann, Glenn Beck start over on smaller, riskier TV platforms. || "We're in this for the long haul," says Olbermann. || "The Current TV release is after the jump. Read More

Olbermann said to be headed to Current TV

New York Times Keith Olbermann is announcing his plans at 11 a.m. ET Tuesday, but the Times hears he has "a possible deal" with Current TV that includes an equity stake in the cable network. || More from > Wallenstein: Why Olbermann makes sense for Current TV … Read More

Transcript: Olbermann says goodbye to viewers as MSNBC contract ends abruptly

MSNBC and "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann ended their current relationship as the final show aired Friday. Viewers learned of the decision at the end of the hour, when Olbermann said this: "I think the same fantasy has popped into the head of everybody in my business who has ever been told what I have been told: This will be … Read More
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