Layoffs/buyouts/staff cuts


Free Press designer 'cared about every single word, every comma, every period' on 1A

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories. Free Press designer dies: 25-year veteran Steve Anderson was 59. Remembers Amy Huschka, assistant editor/social media: "He was so proud of his Twitter account and loved sharing historic images and daily 1A's with his followers." From Jason Karas, a designer and colleague: "He cared about every single word, every comma, every … Read More

How mass layoffs in 2013 changed the lives of former Plain Dealer staffers

On July 31, 2013, after the layoff calls came, some of the current and now-former staff of The Plain Dealer got together for drinks at Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland. Newsrooms around the country called in and bought drinks for those gathered -- $4,933 worth of drinks, Eric Sandy reported the next day for Cleveland Scene. That day, … Read More

What went wrong at Digital First Media — and what's next?

The announced shutdown of Digital First Media's national newsroom Wednesday and the probable sale of its 75 daily newspapers later this year is a significant jolt to those who believe a viable business model for rapid transformation of legacy operations is close at hand. CEO John Paton's explanation in his blog that the company has decided to … Read More