Leadership Training

Make a turning point in your career by gaining critical leadership skills. Whether you are a rookie or a vet, a staff of one or 100, Poynter has leadership training to meet your individual and specific needs. Check out our upcoming in-person training opportunities.

2017 Innovation Tour: Inside America’s Leading News Organizations

Oct 15-20, 2017

Join Poynter’s media business analyst Rick Edmonds for the third edition of Poynter’s annual innovation tour to Washington and New York.

Stops include: The Washington Post, USA Today Network, The New York Times and the Associated Press, Google’s New York office, Quartz, top digital metric firm Chartbeat and Pew Research Center.

What you'll learn:
  • How to find and monetize new digital audiences
  • The opportunity in news for voice devices, virtual reality and artificial intelligence—plus what’s coming in 2018
  • The latest outside-the-box products and revenue streams

Apply by Aug. 13

Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media (December 2017)

Dec. 3-8, 2017

A transformative, tuition-free leadership program to train journalists of color working in digital media. The academy will focus on critical leadership skills journalists of color need on the path to leadership in digital journalism and technology.

Sessions will explore:
  • Developing effective management styles
  • Understanding journalism business models
  • Navigating newsroom and digital culture

Apply by Aug. 18

Leadership Academy (October 2017)

Oct. 15-20, 2017

Leadership Academy is Poynter’s premier seminar for high-potential managers. This highly-interactive five-day program offers participants the chance to refine their leadership styles, update their understanding of management and media trends and tools, and receive the personal coaching necessary to accelerate their effectiveness as leaders.

What you'll learn:
  • Adjust your leadership style to be the leader your staff needs to succeed
  • Focus your staff’s efforts — no matter how limited your resources — on journalism that answers your community’s needs
  • Innovate, collaborate and coach people in new skills and ways of approaching their craft

Apply by Sept. 8

Essential Skills for New Managers (Illinois)

Oct. 24-26, 2017

Free tuition for managers with less than four years of experience in a digital, print or broadcast newsroom, and whose company is located in Illinois. This three-day seminar will change the way you do your job. You’ll receive personalized feedback — from your newsroom — about your strengths and challenges. You’ll get help for leading your staff through the transition of becoming digital-first. You’ll get advice for addressing your most pressing concerns with coaching from Poynter faculty, one-on-one.

What you'll learn:
  • Establish your credibility as a leader, even if you are new in your role
  • Provide feedback and coaching that will improve your staff’s work and motivation
  • Focus your staff’s work every day on the audiences you’re trying to reach

Apply by Sept. 11

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