Jury finds Courtney Love did not defame in first American Twibel trial

SPIN After a seven-day trial and a few hours of deliberation, the jury ruled in favor of Courtney Love in the first defamation trial in the U.S. involving a tweet. According to SPIN Magazine, the jury was not convinced Love published the tweet with a reckless disregard for the truth: While the 12-person jury agreed that Love's public … Read More

How Courtney Love and U.S.'s first Twitter libel trial could impact journalists

How does defamation law apply in the context of Twitter? We may find out very soon thanks to Courtney Love, who is the first person to defend an allegedly defamatory tweet in a U.S. courtroom when the Gordon & Holmes v. Love trial began yesterday. A handful of Twitter libel, or Twibel, cases have been filed in the past (see … Read More