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Greetings from New Albany, Indiana, just north of Louisville, Ky. I'm about a third of the way through Indiana. Easy-walking terrain and some creative modification of the American Discovery Trail route has contributed to solid progress this week. Went to a foot doctor the day before I got back on the trail to figure out why I keep getting blisters … Read More

The fundamental goodwill of dogs

I'm writing from a hotel in Milford, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati. Made excellent progress this week by staying on roads, and, as a bonus for avoiding the Buckeye Trail, passed through a bunch of sweet little Ohio towns. Bought a Dr. Pepper in Locust Grove, where the population of the pretty hilltop cemetary is certainly larger than that of … Read More

Back on the trail (and not getting off anytime soon)!

I have been slogging through southern Ohio for a while now. If it seems like I've been stuck here for an unreasonably long time, it's because I have found every possible excuse to come home and avoid walking. Not surprisingly, I have discovered I enjoy the company of my wife, air conditioning, proximity to a full refrigerator and the rest … Read More

Reflections: Buckeye Trail=bad, Logan Daily News=good

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim sent this post several days ago, but due to some technical difficulties, we're putting it up a little late. Do not fear, though, he's still out on the trail. Stay tuned for more. Made it to Logan, Ohio, where I had a nice talk with the publisher of the Logan paper, who has a pretty good story … Read More


Back on the trail tomorrow, to resume the Buckeye Trail through Ohio, with high hopes and lots of energy. I am rested, fattened up (ice cream for breakfast is a wonderful thing!), and ready to lug my pack up and down more hills. Thanks to those who wrote or called expressing concern about how much weight I'd lost. I'm feeling … Read More

Home for a quick break.

I'm writing from my home office in Granville, Ohio. Off the trail for a few days to attend to family business and get some food and rest. While I'm here I'll have a  chance to do some phone interviews with publishers I've missed along the way, and add some Ohio publishersI'll miss because the fiendish Buckeye Trail keeps me … Read More

Across the Ohio River Tomorrow!

I finally found the most lovable part of West Virginia -- because it's level and there are no hills!  Trains can't go up and down hills easily, so the former railroad beds I walked on were flat.   On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Hopson dropped me at the start of the North Bend Rail Trail, a flat trail that winds … Read More

On the trail!

Here I am on the North Bend Rail Trail east of Salem, West Virginia! Will post again soon. Read More

(West) Virginia is for friendly folks!

On Wednesday morning I had breakfast with Parsons Advocate editor/owner Chris Stadleman, updated my blog from his newsroom, and got a haircut. Hadn't had seen a barber for almost two months, and was looking like an aging Rastafarian. Chris dropped me back on the trail and I headed over the last bad hills of the West Virginia trip … Read More

Hills! Oh, so very many hills!

Hello from Parsons, West Virginia. Since my last update I've tackled the steepest and toughest part of my West Virginia trip. One more day of bad hills, and I'm rolling downhill toward the Ohio River. The story of the past few days is hills. Big hills. After leaving Keyser Friday morning I walked uphill most of the day, until a … Read More

I'm back!

Sorry for the long radio silence, but I haven't been near a computer for almost two weeks, so couldn't update. I am writing from the newsroom of the Mineral Daily News-Tribune in Keyser, W.Va. Publisher Randy Lewis has been a great host and benefactor since I invaded his community yesterday afternoon. I am healthy and well and … Read More

Onto the C&O Canal

Today, I started a 167-mile leg along the C&O canal, which begins in Georgetown and exits Maryland at Oldtown, up on the West Virginia border. I am spending one last night with Julie's angelic niece and nephew. The first campsite on the C&O was about 27 miles from the starting point, and we didn't want to push it, so I … Read More
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