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#JFK: media organizations taking new look at old news

Cape Cod Times | Associated Press | Huffington Post | The Washington Post | Fox News | CNN | Los Angeles Times | NBC | | The Dallas Morning News | The New York Times | USA Today | Reuters The news today, in many parts of the country, is about something that happened in Dallas 50 years ago. But now, the retelling of JFK's assassination is unfolding in a way quite different than it did then -- through social media. The Cape Cod Times started its two-day project Thursday, tweeting out events from 50 years ago at the times when they happened. The paper also has a cache of stories about the Kennedy family on its site, with reader memories, a story about Kennedy's local church, and the news photographer who covered him. (more...)
The gloves come off as journalists increasingly fact-check other journalists. (Depositphotos)

‘Gloves come off’ as journalists debunk each other’s Obamacare horror stories

When Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik saw Deborah Cavallaro tell her story on television, something about it didn’t add up.

Cavallaro is a real-estate agent and investor in Westchester, Calif. She’s also become a minor media celebrity in the … Read more

A CNN sign in Frankfurt, Germany. (AP Photo/Martin Oeser)

Brian Stelter will leave NYT, host CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’

CNN | The Los Angeles Times | Politico Brian Stelter will leave The New York Times to join CNN:     Joe Flint reported Monday night that CNN was close to hiring Brian Stelter, a New York Times media reporter, to host "Reliable Sources," its show about the press. Dylan Byers reported in Politico Tuesday that Stelter will replace Howard Kurtz, who now hosts a competing show at Fox News, and that candidates in the running included NPR's David Folkenflik and Frank Senso, who formerly worked as CNN's Washington bureau chief. (more...)

Climate-change deniers can still leave comments at L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Times will not publish letters from climate-change deniers, but it does allow online comments that express that point of view, as long as they're not too mean.

The Times can remove "inappropriate" comments, Hillary Manning, director of communications for the Times, told Poynter in an e-mail yesterday. Otherwise, its policy is similar to those at many other sites: Comments must be "germane to the article," and they can't be "abusive, off-topic or foul." They can't be "racist, sexist or homophobic." They can't advertise or spam, and they can't "celebrate the death, injury or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise."

At the bottom of each comments section, Manning notes, is a sentence saying, "The Times makes no guarantee of comments' factual accuracy."

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New Newspaper Owners

Dodgers owner on Los Angeles Times: ‘If the price were right, I would buy it’

The Los Angeles Times
Dodgers owner Mark Walter says he's interested in buying the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, "in part because he is interested in increasing the diversity and improving the quality of information available to the public," Bill Shaikin writes.

"The Los Angeles Times says something," Walter said before the Dodgers played the Boston Red Sox at Dodger Stadium. "It means something. It's a brand. I think people have undervalued that. If the price were right, I would buy it."
Walter is the CEO of Guggenheim Capital, LLC. Tribune Co., which owns both papers, has been exploring a sale of its newspaper properties but is said to prefer to sell them together. Some of its other newspapers are The Baltimore Sun, The Hartford Courant and the Orlando Sentinel.

The billionaires Charles and David Koch were interested in buying Tribune's papers but they abandoned negotiations. As a policy matter, we never comment about speculation regarding the company or any of its business units," Tribune spokesperson Gary Weitman said about the Walter report via email.

Red Sox owner John Henry recently agreed to purchase The Boston Globe, and Tribune Co. used to own the Chicago Cubs. Poynter's Rick Edmonds recently wrote that he had previously likened wealthy people buying newspapers to wealthy people buying sports franchises: "more fun than owning a bond and a high-visibility good deed for your community as well."

The Los Angeles Times ‘got a bit carried away’ with its Italian suffixes

A correction made in today’s Los Angeles Times provides a primer on symphonic writing:

Verdi’s “Requiem”: An article in the Aug. 11 Arts & Books section about Verdi’s “Requiem” said that the piece premiered in 1872. The first performance was

Read more
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Chicago Sun Times Photographer Layoffs

Proposed Tribune split may be bad news for Sun-Times’ owner

Tribune announced Wednesday that it intends to split into two companies. So what does that mean for Tribune print properties and the entities that aim to acquire them?

Trouble for the Chicago Sun-Times' owner: That's according to Lynne Marek, who says Wrapports LLC's hopes to buy The Chicago Tribune now appear more farfetched.

Tribune's broadcasting arm would likely keep the newspaper division's real estate and the company's investments in digital assets like CareerBuilder, lowering the value of The Chicago Tribune and thus any price Wrapports might pay, but the move also appears to kick a newspaper sale down the road. And the Sun-Times is losing money right now.

The biggest financial concern for the company is the hefty $70 million a year it must pay a year to Chicago Tribune to print and distribute the Sun-Times papers. While the company has explored printing alternatives, its contract with its larger rival runs for about two more years. After that, Sun-Times would have leeway to explore less expensive options, even a reduction in printing.

Parody site ‘Kochifies’ Los Angeles Times stories

Kochify the News
"Kochify the News" is part of a campaign by a group called Forecast the Facts to discourage Tribune Co. from selling its newspapers to the libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch, who are reportedly considering their purchase.

The site mimics the look of the Los Angeles Times' homepage, and if you click a story, its headline and deck change to what the activists say news would look like under the Kochs' leadership.

A story titled "Part-Timers To Lose Pay Amid Health Act's New Math," for instance, becomes "Win-Win: Employees To Get Free Vacay While Being Saved From Obamacare." "Lakers' Pau Gasol Undergoes Knee Procedure" becomes "Sports: Current Health Care System Already Working Perfectly (for Millionaire Athletes)"


Anti-Koch protesters rally in Beverly Hills

Los Angeles Times | Baltimore Brew | Huffington Post | Bloomberg People upset by the possibility of Charles and David Koch buying Tribune's newspapers held a rally in Beverly Hills, Calif., Thursday, marching to Tribune Chairman Bruce Karsh's home. "About 100" people protested, Meg James reports.
"Every great city deserves a great newspaper. Here in Los Angeles, we need the L.A. Times to capture the local diversity of our voices, issues and our stories," said Kathay Feng, executive director of Common Cause. "Honest, credible journalism is one of the most important keys to our democracy."

San Francisco Chronicle changes style on ‘illegal immigrant’

The San Francisco Chronicle changed its style on “illegal immigrant” Monday. It’s the latest of several publications to reconsider the term.

The newspaper’s new style will “essentially match” the Associated Press’ style on the term, David Steinberg, copy desk chief at the Chronicle, said in an email to Poynter.

Chronicle journalists are now advised not to refer to a person as “illegal” or as an “alien;” instead, “illegal” should only be used in describing the means by which they entered the country, and only with proper attribution. (more...)