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Morning media roundup: Injured journalist Conroy escapes Syria, Bouvier still there

Injured journalists Edith Bouvier and Paul Conroy got out of Syria, Reuters is reporting. Conroy’s father confirms the news of his son’s release. However, the AP says Bouvier is still in Syria. Last week the two journalists, who were wounded in the rocket attack that killed Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, appealed for help. Colvin was killed trying to fetch her shoes after the attack started. Her mother wants to bring her body home. The Committee to Protect Journalists says Anas al-Tarsha, a Syrian videographer, was killed Friday. || RelatedStephen Farrell writes a long and excellent essay on foreign correspondency in the “Post-Embed Era.” Read more


Lara Logan mourns Marie Colvin, who died in Syria Wednesday:

“You couldn’t be part of the foreign media world and travel to these places and not know who Marie Colvin was,” Logan observed. “She was a legend in her own right and a pioneer in many ways. As a woman, she started to do this work a long, long time ago when it was more of a man’s world than it still is today, in some ways. And Marie was — this was her life. She was completely committed to doing what she believed in. You hear that in her words and in her reporting, just hours before she was killed. It was always about that for her. It was about bearing witness and giving a voice to the people that don’t have one. And she said, so significantly, you know, if you’re not on the ground to witness what was really happening in Homs, then the Syrian government could write whatever narrative they wanted to write and there would be no counter narrative to that.”

Lara Logan on "CBS This Morning"


Morning media roundup: ‘You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want’

“The ultimate tragedy would be if others failed to follow in her footsteps to report on the savagery of war with such an honest, unflinching gaze,” Ian Birrell writes in the Daily Mail about Marie Colvin (EXCELLENT pic of her leads this one). Colvin’s mother, Rosemarie Colvin, told the New York Times “‘Her editor told me he called her yesterday and said it was getting too dangerous and they wanted to take her out. She said she was doing a story and she wanted to finish it and it was important and she would come out’ on Wednesday.” If you don’t mind watching a 30-second ad first, here’s a video of Colvin’s mom speaking. David Remnick remembers Colvin as a mentor to green foreign correspondents.  Read more

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Colvin was supposed to leave Syria Tuesday, but stayed for a story

Rosemarie Colvin says her daughter Marie was planning to leave Syria Tuesday but stayed to finish a story she was working on.

“She had a story she felt was very important,” Rosemarie Colvin said, adding: “She would take one more day.” …

“She was absolutely dedicated to doing what she did at the highest level … It’s the way she always was. Even when she was young she marched to her own tune … She was totally dedicated to getting the story straight and getting it out.”

Colvin, who died overnight in Syria while reporting for The Sunday Times, graduated from Long Island’s Oyster Bay High School and attended Yale.

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Are foreign correspondents like Colvin and Shadid a vanishing breed?

Overnight, there were reports of the deaths of Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik in Homs, Syria. The correspondents were reporting in extremely hostile territory: “It’s too much of a coincidence,” the New York Times reported a Syrian activist in Cairo saying. “There are reports of planes flying around and they may be looking for the satellite uplinks.”

As foreign bureaus get rarer, people intent on covering conflicts now often have to lean on the crowd rather than the soft bosom of a wealthy journalistic institution. Read more

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Marie Colvin killed in Syria, other journalists wounded overnight

Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times and French photographer Remi Ochlik have been killed in Homs, Syria. A Reuters story says two other journalists have been wounded: Paul Conroy, a British photographer, and “a female American journalist.” A New York Times story says there are three wounded journalists. The killed and injured were in a house in use as a media center that was hit with rockets, activists in Homs say.

>>The Editor of the Sunday Times: “Marie was an extraordinary figure in the life of The Sunday Times, driven by a passion to cover wars in the belief that what she did mattered.”

>>Colvin was interviewed by Anderson Cooper Tuesday, Brian Stelter tweets.

>>Colvin on war reporting: “We always have to ask ourselves whether the level of risk is worth the story. Read more