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Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron complained to the New York Times about not crediting his paper. Times Public Editor Sullivan e-mailed with the Times’ associate managing editor for standards, Philip B. Corbett, about the issue. He replied:

One complication is that there’s no clear or simple rule on when and how to credit. When information reported by another news organization is not widely known and we haven’t been able to match it ourselves, we normally attribute it or link to the source. But in cases where we have done our own reporting, it’s less clear-cut. We still want to credit another news organization if they have done major enterprise or have unearthed a big story — something no one would have known about without that initial reporting. But for an ongoing story or beat — where lots of reporters are chasing the same story line and may break different elements at different times — it’s not always practical or useful to tell readers, well, this element was first reported by News Organization A, and this other part was broken by Organization B, and we were the first to report these other pieces, etc.

Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times


McClatchy’s Deb Leithauser will become publisher of Pennsylvania paper

Centre Daily Times

Debra Leithauser will leave her job as editor of McClatchy-Tribune Information Services to become publisher of the McClatchy-owned Centre Daily Times in State College, Pa. She joined McClatchy in 2012 after a long hitch at The Washington Post.

McClatchy Vice President for News/Washington Editor Anders Gyllenhaal tells staffers in an email that Wes Albers will become deputy editor of the news service, which is absorbing the clients of Scripps’ wire service.

In a note to staff, Leithauser said the move “was not something I anticipated.”

But being a publisher has always been a dream of mine, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take it. The Centre Daily Times is a terrific paper, the job lets me stay with the McClatchy Company, and State College is a wonderful place to raise kids — all of those things equaled an opportunity to good to pass up.

Gyllenhaal’s memo: Read more


McClatchy updates policy on handout photos: ‘it’s important to take a stance’

“The editors of McClatchy newspapers have agreed not to publish photography issued by the White House,” McClatchy Vice President for News/Washington Editor Anders Gyllenhaal told staffers in an email Tuesday night. The policy is not “a significant departure from current practices,” he says.

USA Today told staffers Sunday it wouldn’t use such photos. News organizations protested the White House’s stingy rules about photo access last week.

Gyllenhaal’s email: Read more


Dallas Morning News will print Star-Telegram, which plans layoffs

Dallas Morning News | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Los Angeles Times

The Dallas Morning News will start printing the Fort Worth Star-Telegram next year, Gary Jacobson reports. Two hundred and seventy-five people will lose their jobs, 75 of them full-time positions, because of the move. “This makes all the sense in the world,” said Morning News Publisher and A.H. Belo CEO Jim Moroney, according to Jacobson.

The Star-Telegram plans to sell its printing facility. Its publisher, Gary Wortel, tells his paper that “one added convenience for Sunday subscribers is that they will begin receiving their advertising circulars in a sealed plastic bag.” Read more


Nontraditional sources of revenue rise at McClatchy


Revenue from digital advertising and direct marketing now account for about 40 percent of McClatchy’s advertising revenue, the company said in its third quarter earnings report Thursday. Overall, revenues were down 4.2 percent.

Advertising revenue fell 8 percent, but circulation revenue rose 6.5 percent over the same period in 2012. The company attributes the gain to its paywall plan, called the Plus Program, which it said is “exceeding expectations.”

In a statement accompanying the earnings release, McClatchy CEO Pat Talamantes said, “We now expect the program to generate between $27 million and $30 million in new revenues in 2013.” Audience grew at the company’s websites despite the paywalls, McClatchy says. Read more


McClatchy asks administration if it helped New Zealand track a journalist


“We regard any targeted collection of the metadata of our journalists as a serious interference with McClatchy’s constitutional rights to gather and report the news,” McClatchy’s Anders Gyllenhaal and Karole Morgan-Prager write in a letter to U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The letter comes in response to a report in a New Zealand newspaper that the country’s government used U.S. intelligence to help track McClatchy journalist Jon Stephenson. Read more


McClatchy second-quarter report reflects drop in earnings, increase in subscribers

Associated Press | McClatchy

McClatchy’s latest earnings report shows it earned $11.8 million in the second quarter compared to $26.9 million in the same quarter last year. Last year’s second quarter results were boosted by a $7.9 million tax gain, the Associated Press reports.

The earnings report explains:

Total revenues in the second quarter of 2013 were $308.8 million, down 3.5% from the second quarter of 2012. Circulation revenues were $88.5 million, up 4.8% and advertising revenues were $207.7 million, down 6.7% from the same quarter in 2012. Total digital-only revenues, which include digital-only revenues from advertising and circulation, were up 10.6% compared to the same quarter last year.

After the first quarter this year, McClatchy had 22,000 digital-only subscribers. That number grew by more than 3,000 in the second quarter. McClatchy President and CEO Pat Talamantes said in the earnings report:

We believe that we will continue to benefit in the future as our efforts to build our circulation revenues gain even more traction. The subscriber response to our new digital subscription packages, known as our Plus Program, exceeded our initial expectations and we are on target to meet our guidance of generating approximately $25 million in new revenues in 2013. In total, the Plus Program provided more than $8 million in incremental revenues contributing to the 4.8% growth in total circulation revenues for the quarter.  Our digital audiences grew during the quarter, with new digital-only subscriptions from the Plus Program now totaling more than 25,000.

Here’s the full report. Read more


Media CEOs ‘hopeful’ about digital subscription growth

Associated Press | Folha de S. Paulo

At the American Society of News Editors convention in Washington, D.C., Associated Press reporter Martin Crutsinger listened to various newspaper honchos speak about about whether they’d keep publishing daily editions, especially in light of recent changes at Advance-owned papers that have reduced the frequency of print editions and home delivery.

McClatchy’s CEO Patrick Talamantes, New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson and Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth all said they were sticking with daily publication. Gannett CEO and President Gracia Martore “was less certain,” Crutsinger reports. “I can’t predict what is going to exist in five years,” she said.

The executives were bullish on paywalls, Crutsinger writes; McClatchy had “22,000 digital-only subscribers” at the end of the last quarter. He says the CEOs were “hopeful about their future” after seeing digital subscriptions grow.” Read more


Austin Tice’s family will return to Beirut

The Family of Austin Tice | Associated Press

Washington Post and McClatchy freelancer Austin Tice has been missing for nearly a year, and his family plans “to return to Beirut to reach more deeply into the region on behalf of our son.” The family website says:

With the exception of a distressing 47 second video released in September, we have had no contact from Austin or his captors. We do not know with certainty who is holding him captive.

The video, Terry Wallace reports for the Associated Press, “shows Tice trying to recite the Muslim declaration of faith, or shahada, until he switches to English and says, ‘Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus,’ and rests his head on a captor’s arm.” Read more

Eric Holder

McClatchy, New York Times won’t attend DOJ’s off-the-record meeting

The Huffington Post | CNN | The Washington Post | Politico

McClatchy Washington bureau chief James Asher says his organization won’t attend a planned meeting between news organizations and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The Department of Justice is reaching out to news organizations to discuss its guidelines for seeking phone and email records from journalists.

“They don’t help us inform the public,” Asher said of off-the-record meetings in a phone interview with Poynter. “This one seems designed mostly to make a public relations point and not a substantive one. If the government wants to justify its pursuit of journalists, they ought to do it in public.”

Other news organizations have also declined. (The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone is keeping a running tally of who’s in and who’s out.)

It isn’t appropriate for us to attend an off the record meeting with the attorney general,” Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson told The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone. “Our Washington bureau is aggressively covering the department’s handling of leak investigations at this time.” Read more

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