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A lady stands in front of an electronic display showing live information of flight positions according to predicted time and flight duration calculations at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sunday, March 16, 2014 in Sepang, Malaysia. Malaysian authorities Sunday were investigating the pilots of the missing jetliner after it was established that whoever flew off with the Boeing 777 had intimate knowledge of the cockpit and knew how to avoid detection when navigating around Asia. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

Why the press can’t help but speculate about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Did you hear?

A piece of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was spotted by the Vietnamese Navy. The plane made an emergency landing in Nanning, China. It may be in North Korea. Or taken over by Iranian Read more

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Researchers have 3 tips to help journalists debunk misinformation

Having the truth on your side is a necessary thing when trying to debunk misinformation.

But it’s far from enough.

The truth alone does not change minds, create belief. Convincing people of your argument, or correcting someone else’s lies, requires … Read more


5 projects take different approaches to promote fact-checking, fight misinformation

This week a different kind of hack day took place at the MIT Media Lab.

These gatherings are usually filled with software developers and other technical folks. Wednesday’s hack day had its share of geeks, but there were also social … Read more

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Visualized: Incorrect information travels farther, faster on Twitter than corrections

Many times on Twitter I’ve witnessed what I call The Law of Incorrect Tweets:

Initial, inaccurate information will be retweeted more than any subsequent correction.

The goal should be to make the correction as viral as the mistake. But that’s … Read more