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With new sections, The Atlantic aims at covering the long and the short of Washington

After spending months retooling the way it reports on the nation's capital, The Atlantic on Thursday launched new sections aimed at capturing the attention of policy wonks and political junkies alike. The new verticals — dubbed "Politics and Policy" and "2016 Distilled" — are part of an effort by The Atlantic to maintain a presence in two different but interconnected … Read More

What it's like being an autistic reporter in D.C.

National Journal National Journal reporter Eric Garcia recalls vividly showing up at a U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing as a very green reporter, sitting at the press table and suddenly blurting out a question to Chairman Orrin Hatch of Utah as Hatch was exiting the room. A security officer quickly warned that he'd be arrested for disrupting … Read More

Atlantic Media downsizes National Journal in D.C. shakeup

Atlantic Media will cut the staff at National Journal by a quarter as part of a broader reorganization of its D.C. presence, the company announced today. National Journal, considered a must-read among policy wonks and influencers in Washington, D.C., will transition to a subscriber-focused outlet as its parent company expands the Beltway footprint of its sister publication, The Atlantic. The … Read More

National Journal's Bob Moser joins the New Republic

Bob Moser, senior editor at National Journal magazine, will join the New Republic as the outlet's politics editor, Editor-in-Chief Gabriel Snyder announced Thursday. Lapham's Quarterly editor Michelle Legro and freelance photo editor Stephanie Heimann also join the New Republic as culture editor and photo editor, respectively, per Snyder's memo. The hires are part of an ongoing effort to replenish the … Read More

Kristin Roberts named national editor at Politico

Kristin Roberts, managing editor at National Journal, will join Politico as the newsroom's national editor, according to a memo from Politico editor Susan Glasser. Roberts' told National Journal staffers she would be leaving the newsroom last week after Atlantic Media Chairman David Bradley announced he was suspending publication of the magazine and focusing on digital efforts in response to … Read More

National Journal magazine to suspend publication

In a concession to the hyperkinetic pace of Washington, D.C., political reporting, The National Journal announced Thursday it will suspend publication of its print magazine at the end of the year and shift its resources to digital journalism. "Over the years, National Journal has evolved from a solely journalistic enterprise into a comprehensive provider of tools, services, and journalism to … Read More

Study: Washington insiders haven't given up on print

The U.S. Capitol. (Image credit: The Associated Press) Although Washington insiders are consuming lots of digital news, they still value the "credibility and access" of print publications, according to a study released Wednesday by the National Journal. According to the survey, the National Journal's fifth, 69 percent of Capitol Hill staffers said they read print publications because they … Read More

How to cover the ’16 campaign: follow the money, but few are, says one reporter

(Image via Deposit Photo)Shane Goldmacher, the senior political correspondent for National Journal, has a “totally selfish reason” for covering campaign finance that has little to do with high-minded notions of holding people to account. No, it’s got a lot more to do with this: the distinct lack of competition from other journalists, he told a boot camp for … Read More

Career beat: Juliet Williams named administrative correspondent in Sacramento

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community: Juliet Williams is now an administrative correspondent for The Associated Press. She joined the AP's Sacramento bureau in 2005. (San Francisco Chronicle) James Oliphant is now a political correspondent at Reuters. Previously, he was deputy editor for National Journal magazine. (Email) Eric Markowitz is now a senior technology … Read More

Fresh from Ferguson Fellowship, Beacon eyes new projects

Earlier this year, The New York Times profiled Beacon, a crowdfunding platform for journalists. The writer wondered: With all the hand-wringing in the news industry about asking readers to pay for content, would they ever sponsor a journalist? Now, just a few months later, that question has been answered. As of this week, Beacon readers have raised $41,074 in partnership with The Huffington … Read More
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