Eric Migicovsky

PoynterVision: Consuming news on wearables

Jeff Sonderman, deputy director of American Press Institute, shares his vision of how we might consume news on such wearables as watches:

For more on the news impact of wearables, watch the complete Webinar replay of Preparing Journalism for the Age of Wearable Devices at Poynter NewsU. Use the promo code 13POYNTER100WEAR to get unlimited free access to the on-demand replay.

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Filloux: How bundled news can stay relevant in a constant news cycle

Monday Note
Frédéric Filloux asks: “Is the notion of having a ‘news container’, similar to a newspaper or magazine, a relic of the past?” In a non-stop digital news cycle, what is the value of stopping to bundle all your stories at a given time? Four things can make it worthwhile, he writes, using the BloombergBusinessweek+ iPad app as an example: Investment in great design, making editorial choices of coverage and emphasis, connecting to outside information, and setting a low price. Read more


Pew: 75% of Americans say journalists can’t get their facts straight

Americans trust local news organizations more than any other source — including national news orgs, government and business. But that’s not saying much.

Only one-quarter of those surveyed say news orgs get the facts right, a new low since 1985 when the question was first asked. Two-thirds (66 percent) say stories are often inaccurate, a new high. And nearly three-quarters of Americans believe that journalists try to cover up their mistakes, rather than admit them.

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