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PoynterVision: Why News Corp acquired Storyful

Raju Narisetti, senior vice president and deputy head of strategy at News Corp, explains the reasons behind News Corp’s $25 million acquisition of Storyful in December. Many newsrooms have adopted Storyful to help them verify social media and video contentRead more


Journalists offer different perspectives on what to do with audience data

Younger staff in The Atlantic newsroom have a knack for sourcing their stories through social media, and getting them read that way, too, J.J. Gould, executive editor at, said Monday morning at the Poynter Institute.

Gould was part of … Read more

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Storyful homepage. (Storyful)

Video, verification, value: Why News Corp’s purchase of Storyful deserves your attention

I first met Storyful CEO Mark Little at the 2011 ONA Conference in Boston. We headed off to find a quiet corner so I could hear more about what exactly a “social news agency” was.

“Three words: it’s discovery, it’s … Read more


Storyful CEO: ‘We want to be in every newsroom in the world’

So what does a giant media corporation like News Corp get from a boutique social-media news agency like Storyful, which it bought Friday? Reached by phone, News Corp Senior VP of Strategy Raju Narisetti said that Storyful's ability to verify news spreading over the social Web was only part of the draw.

"Storyful is not just a pioneer in verifying news video," he said, but it's very good at spotting and obtaining rights to news videos. "That gives us an opportunity to take viral video and not only use it in our global newsrooms but offer it to third parties as well," a prospect Narisetti said has "significant revenue potential." (more...)

News Corp buys Storyful

News Corp | Storyful
News Corp announced Friday it has purchased Storyful, the social-media news agency. The purchase price was €18 million, about $25 million USD.
Building on Storyful’s skill in finding verified news amidst the noise of social media, News Corp will use its own global scale, robust digital presence and advertising expertise to enhance and expand Storyful’s video products and services for newsrooms, advertising agencies and brands. News Corp will also utilize Storyful’s tools to help drive engagement and revenue across News Corp’s businesses.
Among the services Storyful provides clients is verifying news online. “Fakery has caught up to real-time, in the same way that true content is real-time,” Storyful Executive Editor David Clinch told Steve Myers back in 2011. Joe Galvin recently wrote about some of the debunking jobs Storyful did this year.

Storyful's Markham Nolan demonstrated how Storyful approaches news in a 2012 TED talk: Mark Little and Clinch will continue to manage Storyful. "Storyful will continue to operate as a stand-alone organisation from our headquarters in Dublin," Little writes in a blog post.
We will continue to serve the world’s leading news organisations (with more resources and focus). And we will work with brands, advertisers, non-profits and other organizations to help them realize the full potential of verified video and other online content.

GateHouse declares Chapter 11, announces ‘prepacked’ reorganization

GateHouse Media | Bloomberg Businessweek | Jim Romenesko
GateHouse Media announced Friday it has filed "voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings" in Delaware and has "filed and requested confirmation of a joint prepackaged plan of reorganization." The plan "proposes a 'balance-sheet restructuring,' by which GateHouse will emerge from bankruptcy with much less debt on its balance sheet, but with its business operations completely intact," GateHouse CEO Michael Reed said in the company's announcement.

The company "listed assets of $433.7 million and debt of $1.3 billion" in its filing, Sophia Pearson and Tiffany Kary report.

Upon its exit from bankruptcy, GateHouse intends to pair with Local Media Group, the collection of U.S. newspapers News Corp sold to Fortress Investment Group, which owns GateHouse, earlier this month.

GateHouse says none of its creditors voted against the plan. Its "common stock would be canceled under the plan, and holders of secured debt would have the option of receiving a cash distribution equal to 40% of their claims, or stock in New Media Investment Group Inc., a new holding company that will own GateHouse and Local Media Group," the announcement says.

The company says it has "sufficient cash to operate during the chapter 11 process," and Reed told employees he expects the process to take "45 to 60 days."

Revenues rise at AOL, 21st Century Fox

AOL | The Wall Street Journal | 21st Century Fox | The New York Times
AOL is buying the video advertising platform, it announced in its second-quarter earnings report Wednesday. The acquisition "will make AOL a clear global leader in the most important growth segment in our industry -- online video,” AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said in a statement. Advertising revenue at AOL was up 7 percent over the second quarter of 2012.

Revenue at AOL's Brand Group, which includes content properties like The Huffington Post and Patch, was up 10 percent over the second quarter. The report does not break out financial information on individual properties. Unique visitors were up 3 percent at AOL properties, the company says:

21st Century Fox, which includes the cable-TV and television businesses once part of News Corp., reported a 16 percent increase in revenue over the fourth quarter of 2012. "Cable, as always, drove the company’s growth," Brian Stelter writes in The New York Times.
Subscriber fees rose 9 percent in the United States for channels like Fox News, FX and National Geographic. As is the norm for major media companies these days, growth was much more pronounced overseas. That was true for advertising sales, too: sales were up 4 percent in the United States and up 20 percent internationally.
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News Corp will split into two companies Friday. CEO Robert Thomson talks about the newspaper company’s plans.

The new company, whose assets range from a US coupons company to Foxtel pay-TV in Australia, was working on projects including a plan for the New York Post to compete nationally with digital news and entertainment brands such as Buzzfeed, he disclosed.

“Some of the most successful recent start-ups are basically ersatz tabloid journalism,” he said. “If we can’t do it better than they can, then we’re not as good as we think we are.”

Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Financial Times

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News Corp PAC gave more to Democrats than Republicans in 2012

Center for Public Integrity |
News Corp's political action committee gave 52 percent of its donations during the 2012 election cycle to Democratic candidates, reports Dave Levinthal. The donations provide "a notable, if not striking contrast with Fox News' conservative reputation," Levinthal writes.

In January, News America-FOXPAC gave money to five Democratic candidates and no money to Republicans, though it "contributed $15,000 in January to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which may by law accept significantly larger contributions than candidate committees," Levinthal writes.
Prominent Democrats receiving News America-FOXPAC cash last election cycle included Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, as well as House Minority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina and Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland.

News Corp will be New News Corp for a while

Congratulations to Raju Narisetti, the Wall Street Journal digital muckety-muck who's just been named senior vice president and deputy head of strategy for the New News Corporation.

Wait, the what?

In an email to Poynter, New News Corp SVP/Deputy Head of Communications Ashley Huston explains that the new name, which the company used in an SEC filing in December, will vanish after News Corp's split into two companies: "it's just to differentiate it until the split," she writes. Then it will be News Corporation, and the other company will reportedly be named Fox Group. Indeed, the company's been using the New News Corporation name in press releases since at least the beginning of February.

That's too bad: In choosing this double-barreled name, the New News Corporation strikes a blow for precision and clarity rarely witnessed in corporate rebrandings -- just look at the International New York Times, or the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which really should have been named the Walter E. Washington Washington Convention Center.

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