Newspaper bosses 'paralyzed' by change, clueless about paid content, says Steve Brill

A stumbling newspaper industry has been clueless on paywalls and in how to produce content people will actually spend money to read, says Steve Brill. But why should one be surprised, he contends, given the frequent make-up of its executive class? To him, it's often been a bunch of rich kids who inherited a paper from mom and dad and … Read More

Pepperdine student newspapers reported stolen after front-page DUI story

Student Press Law Center Update: Three students have admitted they stole these papers for a university prank, not because of controversial content on the front page. Hundreds of copies of Pepperdine University's student newspaper have been reported stolen "likely to censor a front-page story about a student who is being charged with drunken driving," Anna Schiffbauer writes for … Read More

Yelp reviews newspapers: 'mediocre' journalism, but teriyaki stir fry at cafeteria 'delightful'

An underappreciated benefit of digital delivery of newspaper content: The news doesn't arrive on your doorstep covered with fleas. Turns out newspapers aren't immune to the bizarre — and often hilarious — complaints that bedevil restaurants and other small businesses on Yelp. But the review site also includes some appreciations of what only the local newspaper can offer and insight into how readers feel about the transition to digital. Here are some of the best reviews I found, putting aside most of those focusing only on politics or delivery/billing problems (which are what attract the most complaints and seem to plague every newspaper). Bold emphases are mine; all photos by AP. Read More

Newspaper PDF replica service bets on future of print-style digital reading

In October 2012, just 23 percent of Americans told Pew they read even one newspaper the previous day. So who in the world could possibly want or need unlimited access to 2,500 of them? Alex Gruntsev, EVP and chief innovation officer of PressReader, made a compelling case in a phone interview that his "Netflix-style" subscription service -- $29.95 … Read More

Patriot-News, Post-Standard will reduce print frequency to three days a week

Pennlive | The (Harrisburg, Pa.) Patriot-News, which won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Penn State scandal, and The (Syracuse, N.Y.) Post-Standard are following their corporate siblings in Alabama and New Orleans to a reduced printing schedule. Beginning in January 2013, the Patriot-News will print on Sundays and two other days that "will be determined after gathering input from readers and advertisers," an unbylined article reports. "Further details and how these changes will affect employees, readers and advertisers will be announced over the coming weeks and months," Syracuse's announcement reads. Advance executive Randy Siegel tells Poynter in an email there's no word on layoffs yet: Our local leadership is evaluating the needs of the two new organizations and will let employees know as soon as is possible. It is likely that there will be fewer employees at the new organizations than currently at The Patriot-News. However, our complement of reporters and content creators will be comparable in size to our current staff. Read More